Jason Hillcrest & Sean Peyton Serviced

    I swear Jason's cock has got to be more than 8-inches. He was really turned-on in this video and it seems to have grown an inch or more overnight!


    Sean had his work cut out for him. He can usually deep throat a guy, but Jason's cock seemed more than he could handle. He gets little tears in his eyes while trying to shove it down his throat.

    Jason is also an amazing cocksucker! And true to his word, rimming was his favorite thing to do with Sean. He eats him out like a hungry beast.

    Both guys give each other facials, so if you love cum eating and unloading on a dude's face, this video has twice the action.


    Definitely going to get Jason back for more. He has amazing dirty boy energy. 



Timmy & Wright RAW

    Timmy surprised me with his cock-sucking skills in this video. Yes, he did blow Lorenzo in his last video, but his game was ON this day!

    Wright and Timmy make-out for a bit, and then pull each other's cocks out. Both of them admired each other's cock size throughout this video. They were equally impressed with being able to play with such large tools.


    Timmy services Wright first and he does a fine job, but once he flips Wright over on to his back, and then fucks his face, he has access to slide Wright's cock deep into the back his throat. The guy can deep-throat like few others!! Literally balls deep!

    Timmy said he was mostly a Top, but was fine with bottoming if the cock was not too big. Ooops! But he took it like a champ, and he is clearly an experienced Bottom.

    Wright sits on Timmy's cock, struggling a bit to get Timmy's massive meat inside of him. Once there though, Wright delights in having Timmy fuck him.

    Timmy couldn't decide which he wanted more for the end of this video. He knew Wright could fuck the cum out of him, but he so wanted to breed Wright's hole, and that is what won out. He juices his hole like a pro.


    Wright enjoys getting fucked, but he still has not found that moment where he thinks it will make him cum. But he does love giving dude's facials!

    So, after having his ass creampied, he strokes out a giant load, covering Timmy's face and mouth with an outstanding amount of cum.

    Timmy is somewhat local, so I am eager to keep him busy. Both guys are amazing in this video, but Timmy will blow you away with his skill and energy.




Nicholas Duff & Timmy RAW – Chaosmen

    When I was trying to figure out who would blow Nicholas, I thought maybe Timmy would be down for it.

    I sent Timmy some pictures of Nicholas, and his immediate response was that he would love to have sex with him instead!


    I told him that Nicholas seemed more like a Top, and that we were just planning on doing a blow-job video. Timmy was a little disappointed, but I told him maybe Nicholas might be down to do more than suck dick.

    After Nicholas rims his hole, that was all it took. He lets Nicholas slide his cock in, stroking his own stiff rod.

    I love watching Timmy ride Nicholas reverse cowboy, his big cock flopping around as he grinds on Nicholas's cock.

    Nicholas fucks the cum out of Timmy then juices his hole with a massive load.






Bronson Solo on

    Bronson is a little muscle power house with some bad ass tatts and an amazingly handsome face.

    He has done photoshoots, and even has done artistic sketch classes fully nude, aroused, and I thing even ejaculating for a class. I haven't ever heard of art drawing classes going so far, so I hope he was paid well for the live show!

    Needless to say, he is very comfortable being naked and aroused with strangers hovering around him.

    Bronson has an intense and serious vibe in this video. It is definitely sexual, like a cat about to pounce. In person, he is inquisitive, genial, and very easy to talk with.


    He says he jerks-off a lot each day, finding it hard to not do it at the least 3 times a day. He constantly played with his cock while we were talking, always trying keep his buddy happy. Bronson is the kind of guy that likely sits around the house, hands in his underwear, toying with his cock for hours.


    For his solo, up on his knees is easiest for him to get hard. I think he imagines he is about to fuck a girl. After that, he shows us his gorgeous ass that I hope one day we will get to see getting fucked. My fingers are crossed, but I am not sure he will go beyond a topping another dude.

    For his cum shot, he is slow and methodical, and concentrates on his cock head. He makes great eye-contact with us, and I love watching this guy have an amazing orgasm!




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