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Solomon ‘Edge’ – Rough Play!

Solomon, takes a beating, keeps on ticking!

Solomon 'Edge'

Solomon 'Edge'


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  1. He sure as hell can! I knew Ransom could do damage with those cannons, but my god he can hit hard. If I was stuck in a bad neighborhood, I would feel perfectly safe with him by my side. 😉

  2. WOW! Been waiting a long time to see one of your studs get their junk beat up. Thank you! More, more, more!

  3. HI BRIAN, can u post a site update as soon your latest videos are released? i like to subscribe to it. there isnt anywhere else to go to be notified of the latest cm videos asap, thanks

  4. Jamie: I actually don’t like to send out updates everytime the site is updated. It creates a DOS (Denial of Service) Attack whereby suddenly many many people are hitting the servers all at once and it makes the servers slog or crash.

    But the biggest reason I dont really do an update is for like 4-5 years I have consistently released videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail. I do marathons on occasion (one is coming up at the end of this month) and I do announce those to on the social media.

    Otherwise, the site runs like a clockwork so you can be sure there is going to be a video on those days.

  5. Jamie:

    I don’t usually post when I do site updates because for 3-4 years I have always released videos on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays. There are a few exceptions..holidays I may toss something in, or I do a marathon. But sending out a bunch of email to all members will create a Denial of Service attack on my own server. Most members are familiar with the release schedule and throughout the day or weekend will download or watch. If I Twitter a new release a ton of people can show up at once, and the servers could go kerblooie! At least once a month I hit up former members, and I have been doing some Tweets on some scenes that I think shouldn’t be missed. Otherwise, you can set your calendar to my release of videos!

  6. Solomon is a very interesting model. In the Edge video, he was quiet until his junk was pulled (he seemed to really like it as he became vocal at those points).

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