Bar Event April 1 – May 1 Cancelled.

Well, it came down to the last minute, but it appears we had a miscommunication about what the models would be earning during this two day event.

After doing some math, I decided that there was just no way the guys would make enough money to justify losing their entire weekend. (actually, 3 days with travel)

The main issue is the guys aren’t strippers or dancers, so most will be shy and not get out and try to hustle tips. The clubs feel that a minimum amount should be given to ‘dancers’, and that they can make the rest up in tips. That’s not exactly how I had it planned. My guys are adult entertainers

Sorry I dont even call them porn models. I dont consider myself as part of the “Porn Industry” but the Adult Industry. You may think I am splitting pubic hairs, but there is a palpable difference between the two. My guys have 9-5 jobs, show up once a month to do their gig, and there is no fan fare, drugs, limos, cocktail parties yadda yadda. None of the stereotypical porn trappings you might imagine.

So they aren’t naturally entertainers. Sure, they are eager to meet people who think what they do is awesome, but it is a bit intimidating for them, as their time doing Adult work is so separate from their everyday lives.

I was of course covering the costs of airfare and hotels for all of them, and putting in some funds myself, but again, it just was not going earn the guys what they would if they stayed home and worked their current jobs.

Bar events are a tough sell.  The fans that can make it to them LOVE to meet the guys, but I def. don’t get a ton of new memberships. In  this economy, I know it would be more about PR for the site, but it needs to at least be worth it for the models.

I think Micah and Mason are the most disapointed. Mason has been working out realllly hard and he just looks more amazing everytime I see him.  Micah loves to party and ever since he found out about events, he has wanted to be top of the list.

Valentino is a natural showman, and in a couple weeks his Oral video will air (sorry if you have been waiting, but I am trying to space out the Serviced videos so Ransom isn’t there every Wednesday)

BTW, for those of you who keep asking. Tobin will be back next week for a sex scene, and I believe he has a couple more set to air in the coming months. Valentino is part of the team and has filmed two sex scenes as well. Lots of fan faves Vander, Taylor, Micah and Kristopher too!

So I apologize if you were making a special trip to Austin. Splash is still an amazing event, and everyone should come at least once to experience Splash!