Bryan On Vacation – Finally!


Well, it’s been over 3 years since I took a vacation. The trip to the Phoenix Forum turned out to be work for 9am to 2am each day. We even backtracked and realized that I have never taken a single day off that entire time. 18 hour days, 7 days a week.

I do get to to the gym, though I dunno if that counts as “me” time as I try to stay in  decent shape for the site and even interacting with the models.

As I write this it is is 3am in Maui. Because it is 8am in Austin, my brain is telling me I have slept in.  The 8 hour flight from Dallas was brutal.  My friend Bill and I flew American this time and I was hoping their planes would have some more seating space, but not so…unless you fly first class.  There you practically get a LazyBoy recliner.   I know many of you think I must be rolling in money, but some models actually make more than I do a month. Like most business owners, I pay myself last.

Even the steerage class that we were in was a $1000 bucks. the first time I went to Maui is was under $400.  It is about $3000 a piece to fly First Class. So economy it was.

Ransom and Teo are staying at the studio. Ransom is working on re-doing rooms. We have two more rooms to do. After two years, it was time to change things up.  I wish I could vary the sexual positions the guys do as well, but the straight guys really are not very creative and if we veer too far from standard positions, they go limp.  So refreshing the rooms has been an ongoing project, that Ransom and Bill have been working on it.

Let’s see what else.

Oh yeah, my kidney’s failed last week… adrenal failure or something. Lack of testosterone that were critically low. Yes! I get to get testosterone pellets put in under my skin! (TestoPel)  It was taking my insurance company forever to decide if they would pay for the Testopel treatment, in the interim my kidneys shut down. So I got a bottle of Test and took one injection and my symptoms decreased dramatically.

My doctor was not happy about my stress load, and for the first time I actually have high blood pressure. Sigh…getting close to 50 so parts are giving out. My kidneys still hurt a bit, and I am tired of drinking cranberry juice, but everything is working within acceptable parameters. I am looking forward to balancing the hormones out without a shot.

The trip to Maui just started being a stress reliever. Scouts were panicking that they weren’t getting guys in for commissions. Models of course are even more upset as many rely on a gig each month to cover their expenses. But my body and mind were literally giving out. After 3 days of being here I had to tell the scouts to ease up on me. I was still working 8 hour days- coordinating schedules, filling orders remotely, setting up STD testing, booking flights and hotels, handling tech supports, and of course updating the site. Hardly relaxing.

Oh yeah, I had to bail a model out of jail just before I left. That was a first. Never again. Ransom helped by picking him up and getting him squared away. That helped a lot. Ransom is really trying to help me out as much as possible. He is becoming an indispensable part of my little team. It is weird to finally have other people help with the work load.

My friend/assistant Bill got rear-ended in the Jeep a week or so ago. It was totaled and thankfully no one was hurt other than a few scrapes and stiffness. I lost a couple days trying to find and purchase the right car as he often runs the models to the hotel or airport. I still pick them up and make sure they are fed. I got the Ugly On the Outside, but Really Nice on the Inside, Ford Flex. Very boxy, but geez it sure is sweet on the inside. And Bill likes it better than the Jeep, so he is happy. I’m just not happy having more car payments, or doing the insurance dance. I do have to say Traveller’s Insurance was extremely efficient and totally on the ball. Farmers Insurance, the guy that hit Bill, had not done much, so Traveller’s just took over made sure we were taken care of.

Central Texas has been hit particularly hard with the drought, and I am on well water. It has been running out of water. So I guess I willl have to get water tanks. I can’t run my business without showers. It sounds bad, but I hope a string of Cat 2-3 Hurricanes take aim at Houston. It is the only way we will get some water going. I believe Lake Travis is down about 50 feet, and fires are breaking out everywhere. A fire broke out a couple miles from my place and everything was covered in ash. Very scary.

In summary, the weeks before this vacation were not fun.

Fine Corinthian Leather
Fine Corinthian Leather

I have 2 more days here of the five day vacation (not including the two days of travel back and forth) and I finally have some time to do something fun. Going to Little Beach is always fun, but there is only so long you can sit on the beach before being awarded the George Hamilton Tan Award (I think I am in the lead in the Leathery Skin category!)

So writing this entry was actually quite nice. Yeah, I know, it sounds like I am bitching when I likely don’t have much room to. And I can hardly illicit sympathy while sitting in Maui or “having” to buy a new car, but I do enjoy writing, no matter how poor my grammar and spelling is, so this was actually fun.

I fly back this Sunday and Monday morning it is back to the grind. Hopefully the testosterone therapy will get me some more energy to keep the pace up. We’ll see.

Mahalo from Maui!