BTS – Carpet Munching

Vander works the gray carpet
Vander works the gray carpet

One of my friends passed on some feedback from a message board about sites like mine and the use of carpeting on the wall.

Not really sure what was said, but it was basically a “Why do these sites feel compelled to decorate with rugs? Is artwork too expensive?”

No, artwork is not THAT expensive. I know some gay eyes will wander and muse about the many home accessories, bemuse and ask me where I got something, or in this case, their eyes are assaulted by a bit or carpeting hung on a wall.

You yourself may ask, ‘Well, now that you mention it, why DO you have carpet on the walls?’

Sound absorption!

Member’s, please consult Exhibit A.

Do a search on Wayne and pull up his solo.

He sure is cute, isn’t he?

Stop jerking for a sec, and listen to the interview.

Sounds like we filmed it in a bathroom doesn’t it?

I have all kinds of picky things that drive me crazy when I watch my own porn. Bad audio is one of them.

Others are silly things.

Like I don’t like cords, tripod legs, electrical outlets, and other mundane items to sneak into a shot.

The room Wayne is in is newly furnished, but the room has 20 foot ceilings to accommodate my lighting.  I am very lucky my rooms that are all quite spacious, leaving the model feeling they are in a luxurious location, rather than being filmed jerking off in a hotel room, on a bed comforter with more DNA than a crime test lab, and a window AC unit drowning out any heavy breathing that you might be able to hear over it.

Not that those video do not have their charms. I kind of like the rawness of it. Innocent young man, asked to jerk off in a hotel room for 100 bucks. If he is lucky. Hot!

But not the effect I was going for.

I am VERY lucky to have these rooms to meet the demands of churning out 3 fresh videos every week.

So after Wayne’s video, I vowed to improve the audio in my videos. The sound of me fumbling the camera and bumping the mic, though charming in a Blair Witch Porn way, was also something I wanted to be rid off.

Some of you will note spongy egg carton type material on the ceiling when I do an undershot. Most of the back walls and studio hallways are coated in it, though out of view.

I try not to let you see this on ceiling, you know, mundane elements sneaking into a shot and all, but there is no hiding it when I do an undershot. I have given up on hiding that bit of BTS film production.

But still it was not enough to get the echo out of the audio.

I couldn’t very well hang egg carton sponge on walls that are in the shot itself?

What could I hang that was decorative, yet would absorb sound? Paintings sure weren’t helping.

Carpet of course!

So that is why you will see walls with carpet on them. I figure it is a necessary evil in order to give you the best sounding, not-shot-in-a-bathroom, audio experience. Your eyes will just have to wander back to the dick going into that hot dude’s ass.

If you notice the egg cartons sponge on the ceiling then you have likely spotted the overhead microphone.

I shoot with multiple cameras, and can’t afford an assistant to man the microphone boom, so I am constantly moving it around, so that it is close to the model’s breathing, and none of use have to suffer from the sound of me manhandling my camera. Only drawback is models suddenly standing and getting a  bonk on the head. (Kristopher & Vander OutTake)

It has other drawbacks. Some people listen to the audio and ask me why I dub in the all the sound them talking, moaning, and groaning. Dubbing in Audio after the fact?!?! Like I have time to get the models to do that?!?

The sound of them talking is like they are in a real live audio studio. The audio “shouldn’t” sound that good, because, it is after all, amateur porn. (or maybe it doesn’t sound good at all, and I am just kidding myself.)

So their brain tells them I have dubbed in the audio, instead of what I have actually done is to basically mic the models.

At first I took offense to this. Was the audio out of synch on all the videos, making them look like bad Japanese over-dubs? Maybe one or two vids get out with the audio out of sync, but overall, the sampling I listened to, the audio was spot on.

That’s what I wanted! Oh you can hear me shuffling around moving cameras and stuff in the background, but over all, you aren’t distracted by camera bumps, audio that sounds consistent through out the entire video (no real LOUD moments that have you rushing for your volume control), nor that echo chamber sound.

Then I realized it was actually a back-handed compliment. The audio was so real and up close that it sounded like it was shot in the quiet solitude of sound booth. Accept when planes fly over, or more often, thunder and rain come pouring down!

Yeah, sometimes I forget to slide the mic boom out of the way, and the models sound like they are filming in another room, but over all, I like the pristine, non-echoey sound I have going on. Again I am partial, and I work hard at it while managing the models.

That overhead mic is a constant source of frustration.

“Boom in the Set!” As they yell during a professional film production.

Well, since I am the only one there I am constantly moving it about, up and down, all the while trying to adjust all the cams so the mic isn’t in the shoot. (“Oh and by the way, do both you models have your dicks hard ‘cuz I am ready to do that penetration shot. Got my camera focus all locked!”)

But the undershot. Well, it never fails to show my secrets to good audio.

It shows my egg carton sponge, my overhead microphone, and if the angle is juuust right, a bit of carpet on the wall next to them.

Sucking up the echos so we can listen to the models suck each other off!