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The Name Game! (And a Bit About Condoms)

Lyle of Many a Site...and Names
Lyle of Many a Site...and Names

I thought I would start of the year with some BTS perspective of a small part of running an adult site that seems to be getting a lot more attention now that blogs follow model’s movements through the meandering porn industry. A subject matter that has many a blog reader confused, irritated, mystified, or just plain lost.

I am of course speaking of the naming of models, and how they change from site to site.

Back in the day, there were only DVD companies, they would either give a performer their name, or the model would come up with one on their own. That performer usually stuck with that company and their name that kind of became their trademark, They took it with them wherever they would perform- even if they ended up working for another production company.  Most of us over 30 remember those days with Jeff Stryker or Rex Chandler.  Many DVD’s companies now have corresponding internet sites as the DVD market dwindles and “instant gratification” is the norm. But they still keep the first and last name convention going.

Now for those of us starting out as “Amateur” sites a decade ago, we really were working with amateur talent. The thrill of the new market circa 2001 was not a polished nor a perfect “persona” but Real people sharing intimate moments.  Most of us early sites only gave the models a first name, somewhat distinguishing ourselves as an Adult Industry, rather than the Porn Industry.

A subtle difference that many can argue over, and the two certainly overlap, but for the most part, I don’t partake in the Porn Industry dynamic. My guys do Adult work, but aren’t exposed to all the glitz, glamor, and trappings that can happen when feeding an ego machine. They come in, do their gig, and go home to their everyday lives, pockets hopefully a bit heavier, and able to pay rent, invest, fix things, or even buy holiday presents.

Sure some seek that out, and some jump over to the Porn industry and find good careers, while others find the less intimate nature of the way they film to be hard to work in, especially if they identify as straight.

So many of us “Amateur” sites just stuck with a first name and we tried to keep the names unique on our site so that the Search function would easily find a particular model.

Worked pretty good for the first 3-4 years. Scouts submitted models to one site, and they would stay long enough under that that name that they become synonymous with their stage name. Now scouts keep submitting them to the various sites, and even models can look up the blog sites to see the most popular and seek work for them first hand. A new name must be given.

I remember seeing Damien Crosse in a very early jerk-off video. Nervous as fuck and I am not even sure, but I think his name was just Damien. I would love to find that scene.  It would be interesting to watch as he moved from someone with very narrow limits to drinking piss and spitting back and forth in his scene partner’s mouth.

I believe in helping my models as much as I can. They can’t work for me forever, and I encourage them to take their name with them. Build a Brand around their name, and stop confusing the audience who now has access to a what amounts to a Wiki of their performances.

But other studios feel that if they give a model a name, they own a copyright on calling that person by that name. Kind of like a music group might be owned by the producer, and when a rock band breaks away, they find they don’t actually own their own name.  Given some of the snobbery that other sites have, they feel even more strongly that their model with the name they gave them, shouldn’t be associated in any way with my condom-free content…or content on any other sites they feel diminishes the “Brand” they created…even if the model only did a solo for them or me.

They will threaten to sue the other production company if they use that name, though my lawyers say it will not likely hold up in court, but a court battle of calling someone by a nickname will likely result in no one winning that battle…just money wasted.  So studios will routinely change a models name in case a previous studio covets that name and might get all litigious.

Some models do in fact name themselves and show up with their own name and that makes me and fans happy because they can find a favorite model’s work more  easily.

The competitive nature of new sites popping up all the time, along with a weak economy, has many major sites that swore they would never do bareback video, now airing it. I remember one  Scout making a very bold statement on his site that none of his models would ever work for a condom free site. I wonder now that the lead studios are dipping their model’s un-covered cocks in ass, if that attitude is still present? I no longer hold my little niche market I have been developing over the last 3-4 years. Their point is still very valid. WEAR A CONDOM at all times, most especially if your partner’s status is unknown and not tested with the latest PCR/DNA tests.

Many fans might not have read my official statement on Testing, and many studios are wising up that testing is much more accurate, with a more narrow window to show exposure. While not 100 percent, it is certainly a heck of lot better than the Old School Antibody tests that everyone seems to still be taking. If you have noticed the link at the bottom of every page, you should spend some time reading it. You may learn a thing or two about getting yourself properly tested, and to wear a condom at all times in a non-tested scenario! Trials for an inoculation are also moving forward.

Ok, back to the names.  We have learned that some studios will sue another company if you use a model’s stage name that was given to them. Model’s will also often fudge about previous work,, saying they have haven’t worked previously, even signing a contract stating they haven’t and are under no contractual obligations. He might even tell us the name they used before. So we do get tricked.

I think a model should be able to use their stage names. It really looks strange to see the same performer with three to four different names and if you become enamored of the model, damn hard to track down. I feel this harms the audience more than the company claiming said name. And as I said, studios may be unaware a model has done previous work under a stage name and find a very irate producer threatening litigation if they don’t go back and remaster all the videos the model appears in with a new name. Ironically, the other studio that the model has made previous appearances on is often mentioned and linked in a blog entry, and it really acts like an advert for both sites. Why complain?

The Naming issue isn’t just a litigious studios fault.  I myself am at fault when working with a model with previous work under his belt.  If the stage name he  has and is allowed to use it, I may not be able to use it, because I try to keep a model’s name unique on the site.  So take “Vance” on my site. He was Gage elsewhere, but I already had a Gage. Since I didn’t build my site to include last names, I had to swap it out with something unique.  I have been recycling names of late, in hopes that I can reprogram the site to include last names, but it is apparently much more in-depth programming than I had thought it would be.

In summary, please don’t be mad at the model’s themselves for adopting new names every time they “site jump” Usually studios worry about more aggressive and the money they could easily toss at an infringement case. A sum of money that they might not even make them flinch.  But also, I try to keep names unique to my own site, but also encourage the models to build their own brand around that name, add a last name, and keep their fan base happy.

And seriously, isn’t that  really what it should be about? Keeping fans happy?

Porn Rights?

I know very little about lobbying and discrimination laws, but I’m beginning to think that porn makers have no Rights.

I am a big fan of the Michelangelo Signorile show on Sirius/XM OutQ 108 (TheGist) I avidly listen to his show, and often topics come up that I think I have a unique perspective on, but because I run a gay porn site, I figure they will think I am plugging it, or someone will take issue with the content of the site. Like today they were debating the “Do Bisexuals Exist?” report, and I definitely have opinions on that! Having straight guys do gay sex ALWAYS brings up the “Bi” word!

The show tackles important things like marriage equality, don’t ask don’t tell, equality for all etc. Topics are far-ranging from the marketing and popularity of bottled water and its politics and effects, to using the word Dyke or Fag being appropriate in certain contexts. I usually agree with Mike, sometimes don’t, but always respect his opinion, and love the variety of topics and him trying to see all sides of issues. He is a honey badger for issues that effect us all, gay or straight.

That’s why I feel kind of lame about this post. In perspective to the Rights he takes on, I probably won’t get much sympathy.

For some reason, I think the general public thinks porn producers are fat cats, sitting on a pile of money. I long ago learned that any company that I do business with that knows I shoot porn, basically will charge me the highest price possible. It’s difficult to say why exactly it happens – for me it could be the content, or that it is gay porn vs straight porn, or could simply be companies raise their prices in an effort to not do business with me.

It was a lesson my Dad had to learn the hard way when we built my studio. Because I am on a tight budget and got a pretty strict construction loan (people think I pay cash for everything in full- No I have a mortgage like everyone else.) Both my parents are actually very proud of what I do. It has been tough for my Dad to stop him from, well, not necessarily bragging about what I do specifically, but what I have accomplished pretty much on my own over the last 5-6 years.

As an aside, Wells Fargo would give me a line of credit for my business in California, but was declined a loan in Texas by the same company because “Type of Business” Clearly they are allowed to discriminate on who they give loans to, but it is definitely not a evenly enforced discrimination.

So when building the studio he found anytime we got a bid, if my name or company, or product was in the mix, the price was always significantly higher.

He is so used to walking in and getting respect, and since he believes, as do I, most people enjoy their porn, that a discount might be in order. Ha! When it came to pricing and permits, I had to teach him that we literally have to bend over and take it up the ass.

I felt like George Lucas and him naming the sequel to Star Wars “Blue Harvest” in order to avoid price gouging during filming. A tactic not lost to the creators of Family Guy and their wildly successful send-up of the three movies. A must-see if you grew up during Star Wars mania.

Recently I posted an entry that I am looking for a new PHP/SQL programmer to update the site. It has been almost a two-year-undertaking. Most programmers are out of India, where they basically have programming farms or sweatshops. Programming porn in an open room is problematic, as well as religious issues that seem to run a bit deeper there than here in the U.S.- Though at times it feels ‘just barely.’

And the programmers I have found in the US that are independent are downright flaky. They are like rainbows. You can catch a glimpse, but they have a habit of disappearing. I am not alone in this opinion as I have approached two companies that do programming and when I tell them about my experience with freelance programmers, they nod their heads as if it is a story they hear over and over.

Yet neither company would work on my site. One company tried really hard. They answered my advert for programming an “adult gay website” and felt certain it would be no problem. They didn’t actually have programmers on staff, but a list of contracted programmers. They never could find anyone to take on the task. They felt really bad, and I really do wish that I could have worked with them. The salesman there was gay, and he too was surprised at the problem finding ANYONE to work on the site.

After my vacation, I had some time not filming to tackle other projects. A new DVD line-up for the next two quarters. Redesigning two of the studios (I really want to do a big “Porn Studio Reveal” ala HGTV!) as well as various other projects that are for the new year.

One of those task was to buckle down and find me a gay porn friendly PHP/SQL programmer and if I had to hire him/her full time then I would just have to bite the bullet and do it. I have so many things that need to be done to update the site, or hell, even do a complete overhaul. The site still uses small images, which I thought would be a problem, but with everyone using mobile devices, I found that sticking with smaller camcaps and such has actually been a bonus for mobile devices.

My tiny previews are now back in fashion!

Still, the site needs to become free of Flash and move to HTML 5 since Apple is determined to not allow it on it’s devices. Plus I would like to get my own payment processor and start doing some of the hard core stuff that my current processors won’t allow. Still keep the same Chaos style, but offer up something a little less Vanilla.

Hell, I have most of the HD videos re-encoded in 720p in MP4, but I can’t even get someone to touch the site to update it for those options to appear.

Anyway, back to my search for gay or porn friendly programmers.

I did a Google search on the words Gay Porn Austin Programmers and Onramp came up first.

Slick site. Big company. They have a cool option to chat with a live salesperson. Talked to Deb. VERY nice and I laid it out what I was looking for. I didn’t want a single developer, but a team that could handle my site for a long haul, even when their own staff would come and go. Knowing it was gay adult, she asked for the URL and then looked at it, then asked what kinds of changes I needed.

Went through them, and she said she would talk to her Dev Team to see if they could help. Not really seeing any issues with the tasks/programming needing to be done itself. Progress!

Next day I get a nice apologetic letter saying that she actually didn’t know that Onramp would not work on adult sites of any nature.

I understand of course, but I guess I don’t know why programmers can’t turn off images as they browse the site. It has been a feature of every web browser for years.

Even so it was the first time it dawned on me that I was being discriminated against. If I was creating a Jewish-oriented site, or a site for African Americans, or heck, even a Gay Sports League, and they declined my business, all kinds of Hell would have broke lose.

So like overweight people and I guess gays, it is still OK for a publicly run company to decline doing business with me based on my content/views/ or my form of “art.” It’s not like they are religious institutions exempt from certain discriminations.

I doubt I would make any headway in a discrimination charge, as companies have all kinds of policies, but I just thought I would share just another thing that we, as adult content producers, are up against. I wonder who programs all the Pirate and Tube sites that steal my content? Oh Google and Yahoo give a big helping hand!

So once again, if you know a good solid programmer that wants lots of hours, I’m hiring! I don’t care if they are Jewish, Indian, African-American, or play in a Gay Sports League. They just need to want to make money, and not discriminate against adult content.

Porn, loved by billions, yet one of the last things left available to openly discriminate against in a supposedly discrimination-free market.

Yeah, I know there is a ton of other people being discriminated against for just being themselves, gender identity, or their beliefs, but still, I can’t help but feel like I am having to sit in the back of the bus.

The Great Straight Debate

Chaos Command and Control
Chaos Command and Control

The other day I escaped from Chaos Command and Control center to finally visit Genuine Joe’s Coffee House in North Austin.  This WiFi friendly coffee shop is owned by two former models, one a former boyfriend.  I have been advertising them on the front of the site for years now, but have never made it that far North to actually visit. (Texas is big!)

I usually have to stay in my little 10′ by 10′ office, with 3 high-end computers running at once to keep the videos airing in a timely manner.

Yep, I am running this entire show from this little room, with the help of an extra air-conditioner to keep the room somewhat cool.

But I had to drop a model on the far side of Austin, and figured I could visit their shop and sit down write some summaries for upcoming video releases.

The place was packed, which made me very happy. And the clientele was, if not predominately gay/gay friendly, was artsy and liberal.

I pulled out my notebook and felt comfortable being surrounded by so many gay people. Sweet!

You may be asking yourself, “But your surrounded by hot guys all the time?!”

Taylor in some fancy undies

No, I am surrounded by STRAIGHT guys all the time, which is verrrrry different.

I don’t venture out much, so I am rarely around actual gay guys these days.  Stopping at the Genuine Joe’s was a breath of fresh lavender-scented air!

I talked to one person at the shop, who said he knew my models, and used a finger quote when calling them “straight.”

That always frustrates me.

I could only think of 5-6 models that are actually in Austin, and most would indeed be gay as I try to cultivate local gay guys to come in and do the Serviced videos. Only Ransom has the local honor, and he makes the rounds at ALL the night clubs, and is pretty much a player in the local gay scene. So I really wasn’t sure what models he was talking about.

Most models fly in from all over the U.S. so how would he know them, let alone that they are all gay? This is a sentiment I see echoed on messageboards.

They fly-in, do their scene, have dinner, then most hit a strip club (it’s surprising how many of the guys frequent these), then fly out the next morning after a brief hotel stay.

I stand by the fact most of these guys are indeed straight.  Sure there are few that I think are putting themselves in the line of fire, but for the most part, they are just trying to earn some money, and work through their limits so more work comes their way.

As discussed in a previous post, some of the audience doesn’t like the fact that I label the guys straight or gay, but I generally have to go with what the models tell me, or what video they watched to get-off during a scene.   Filming a solo or sex scene is stressful  and there is a lot of pressure to perform.

Picking a sex video to watch  to get you hard or ejaculate, you would think they would pick what works best for them.  They certainly don’t pick videos that they think I want them to watch to hide the fact they are secretly attracted to guys.

I don’t have empirical evidence, but my guess is that during their solo interview, the guys often say their favorite position is doggy style.  Not surprising, I am constantly having to scrub forward to the doggy style position of the video they are watching, preferably with the girl’s ass jiggling around a big cock, the girl making lots of noise, and the dude quiet as a mouse.

Their fantasy life seems to be the best judge of where they fall on the Gay-O-Meter.  Most of the guys never have even fantasized about sucking dick, and I doubt most of them go home and re-live their last scene while they jack-off.  I think what you predominately fantasize about, is likely where you are sexually.  People may do one thing (Get married and have kids) but what turns their brain on, can be completely different.

Let’s explore the models motivations:

Taylor falling out of some fancy undies

Taylor is undoubtedly a popular model on my site. He has a hot body, and his afro pubes invariably get a snarky remark, but the dude can perform. He is “There.”  He is committed to making the video the hottest it can be, mainly because he likes the easy money, and wants’ you all to keep asking for him.

What is even cuter is he doesn’t even think he is hot (but not to be confused with  low-esteem- he just thinks there are tons better than him) and says he struggles to reel in the girls.  I think he needs to move to bigger city personally.

I think most of the guys want to please the audience. Even Vander, who is gay and can actually get-off to working with a straight guy who isn’t necessarily into him,  wants you all to be relatively happy with his performance.

Curtis and Nash in an Upcoming Scene
Curtis and Nash in an Upcoming Scene

These are the ones that confuse both me and the audience. They don’t want to actually touch or work with another guy, but they DO get off if anyone is aroused by watching them.  Guy or girl, it doesn’t matter.  Typically, these guys can do cam shows, and even escort a bit as long as it is very one-sided with no real sexual activity happening. For example, a live strip show (No, I don’t know which ones that would be!)

These guys tend to do really well at the solos and even excel at the oral videos.

Full-on sex is a harder border to cross. But both Nash and Curtis enjoy showing off their bodies. And both have leaped past just being Exhibitionists with boundaries.

Nash has a life-long health issue, so works REALLY hard to stay fit and healthy. His body IS his main priority.

He had a bad Christmas one year, spending weeks in the  hospital, but would sneak out to run up and down the stairs so he could stay fit for a shoot the following January. He showed up with a lot less mass and very pale. He worked to maintain his build while he was very sick, obsessing over disappointing the audience.

His time in the hospital  showed in his his video and I was disappointed and ashamed of my gay brethren when I saw public comments saying he had AIDS/HIV.  Here he had struggled with his chronic condition and tried his best to stay in shape (mid-Winter when most of us pack on 10-15 pounds), and the audience just had to go “there.”  I was so proud that he didn’t miss his shoot but I guess the bareback thing is going to bring that type of speculation.

But both Nash and Curtis totally want you get-off to their bods and work hard at maintaining and entertaining.

Stone and Vance in an Upcoming Video
Stone and Vance in an Upcoming Video

Perhaps not the kindest term I could come up with, but the Gay-For-Pay phrase seems so over used. Even the ones in it just for the money may have elements of the Pleaser and or the Exhibitionist.  These guys definitely can’t be pinned down to just one label. But over all, they are just in it for the money.

Take Stone or Vance for example.

Stone’s girlfriend put him up to doing gay porn.

She would be jealous if he was doing straight porn and won’t allow that. She is confident he is not going to run off with his gay scene partner,  trade numbers, or go have a romantic dinner with the other male model. She won’t ask, “Was he better than me?” whereas with a porn girl, she would want to make comparisons.

Most of the guys are in it for the money, but that doesn’t mean they are all Mercenary. It is good extra cash, and sometimes get them over rough patches.

I find the Mercenary, Pleasers and Exhibitionist the most comfortable with their sexuality. They aren’t questioning if they are gay, and I actually find their limits are fairly easy to move through. They aren’t worried if something is “too gay” for them. It’s a job, and for most, it is a fun job.

They usually want to work long term, and kind of turn into Pleasers by about their 4th film.

Not really a Mercenary but definitely needing a quick injections of funds.  I don’t know where they stand sexually, and I try to to avoid them because there is always drama involved.

They tend to also hit up as many sites as possible, trying to avoid going past their sexual limits and stick to just doing a jerk-off video.

These dudes are the ones that you see pop up 3 times in as many weeks on as many sites.  It’s strange the reaction I have seen on message boards.  The commentators usually think of them as “trashy” for getting around, yet I feel for them because I know they are just making the rounds trying to drum up cash. A model could do twelve videos for me and people may not think he is trashy, but hit 3-4 different sites, and the audience thinks that dude REALLY gets around.

Every guy has his own goal. Not all these guys are in it to be Porn Stars or to work in the industry for years. Guys who hit a bunch of sites will be on everyone’s shelf, and will find less and less studios will hire them or pay them as much as they were initially getting because they are “everywhere”  There is no long term viability, but perhaps they don’t care because they got their financial crisis solved.

It is hard for me because I film so far in advance (I am currently editing videos that air in September) so I can get scooped by other sites who don’t have such a back log of  videos.  I have come to peace with this, realizing that even though the Affiliate sites are covering the model’s every move, not all the audience belongs to every site. So my loyal members will be pleased to see him. Even if he has made appearances on other sites previously. At least I hope.

A True Economic Indicator?
A True Economic Indicator?

I always wonder about the Mercenary and Rough Patch guys.

I will see Fox News and CNN playing at the gym, both showing graphics of economic indicators.  These indicators could be jobs loss or creation, sales during holidays, etc.

I always wanted them to show the “Straight Guys Getting It Up the Ass” as a really good indicator of the economy. It’s a mixed bag for me. Glad they need they work, but of course, members are watching their every penny and not joining.

But it still would be funny to see Fox News display this graphic. Maybe John Stewart’s Daily Show would air it.

This set of guys are the ones where you and I both watch their interview and think to ourselves, “Um, either Bryan or the model is lying about his sexuality, or this guy really doesn’t know what team he is playing on!”

Ironically, I find the Explorers are the most reluctant to do more.

A guy will come in, and I am thinking, “This guy is gay and he sat there watching a straight film, trying desperately to get hard.”  Why in this day in age would they not Come Out and just watch what they want to watch?

Even more surprising, these guys are the ones most reluctant to do “more,” I suspect because they don’t have the confidence the straight guys have in their sexuality.

Others do move on and start playing for our team, but some Explorers stall-out for fear of it becoming “too real” or “too enjoyable.”

Some guys I think initially are confused, but then as they do more shoots, they finally decide, “Nope, this does nothing for me, I’m not gay.”  Which really isn’t a fair assessment, since we have cameras and lighting and we have to get angles. Sometimes we get real sex, but most of the time we are just trying to get you guys off. It is hardly a romantic or an ideal situation to explore your sexuality.

Johannes doing the G:hOle Thang!
Johannes Doing the G:hOle Thang!

I really have very few of them working for me.  Vander seems to be the most popular, and it takes a certain breed of gay guy to succeed when a gay guy works with a straight guy. I actually think they are braver than the straight guys.

It is far more likely they will get “found out” doing gay porn. They have to deal with friends harassing them or thinking they are trashy for doing it. I find gay guys will gladly watch it, but courting a potential boyfriend and finding out he does porn, is not something they look for on their checklist of ideal candidates.

They also have to not take it personally if their scene partner is not “into them.”

Many a scene has gone sour because the gay guy gets disillusioned that “magic” didn’t happen. They quickly realize their partner doesn’t want to really have sex with them, and they never can get hard despite having a hot straight guy in front of t hem.

Meanwhile, the Straight guy has no problems staying hard. He KNOWS he has to keep his dick in action, and that it just isn’t gonna come from some chemistry that will be created on the set, or in his mind.

Thankfully, Real Chemistry  does happen often enough and I am always quick to point that out when a video ‘films itself’ because the two models, straight or gay, seem to to hit it off and create sexual synergy.

Even putting to gay guys together, doesn’t guarantee chemistry.

Finally, gay guys have boyfriends, and like most of the straight guys with girlfriends or wives,  they tend to get jealous when their boyfriend runs off to have sex with a scene partner they may hit it off a little TOO good.  Gay guys with boyfriends will always have questions arise about if they really enjoyed it, or traded phone numbers with the guy, or slept with someone else.

So trust is definitely a big issue for gay guys doing porn AND having a relationship.

Ransom Bi Guy At Large
Ransom - Bi Guy At Large

I admit I was always pretty cynical about these guys. I long fell prey to the notion, “Bi Now, Gay Later” but as I deal with more and more guys on such a close sexual level, over many years, I no longer think that Bi Guys are the Big Foot of sexuality or perhaps a Caterpillar waiting to blossom to a Butterfly.

Ransom is “Mostly Straight” but he really likes to suck dick and get fucked. If the scene partner is hot, he truly gets turned on.

He doesn’t strike me as confused at all. There are just some guys that turn  him on, but he has a girlfriend in  his daily life, and seeks out women to have intimate relationships with.

For a while there, I thought maybe Taylor and Jamison had some Bi in them, but Jamison’s brother is an Out and Proud gay guy, so I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t even admit to being Bi.

But both have consistently grown more confident in being straight, rather then questioning if they are gay.

So that’s my list so far.  I am sure there are others, or perhaps you have some insight or opinion on what motivates these guys to perform for us?

In leaving, all I can say is, thank goodness they do, because of the hours of awesome pleasure they have given us!

Twink vs. Young

Twink vs. Young.

No, not a new legal battle we should all be watching for.

But I have several categories on my site that I never know which ones to use for some of the models. Sometimes I feel like I am tossing darts.

Take Twink for example. (since that is what this entry is about!)

I  get email that says, “‘You’re site has too many twinks?!” followed by an email later that day that says, “Why don’t you twinks on your site?”

So clearly the definition of Twink is interpreted in a variety of ways.

One interpretation would be that ‘barely legal’ look. They don’t necessarily have to be 18-19. I have plenty of 18-year-old models that don’t qualify, while some 25-year-old models fit my interpretation of  Twink.

It’s not just an age specific term.  They have to be lean, relatively hairless, and in my mind, with a touch of sugar in their voice and mannerism. And yet I just edited a video of a mid-twenties guy with chest hair, who I labeled as Twink

I also struggle to call the straight guys Twinks. I have realized that, again, for me, Twink really applies to gay guys. (is that fair?) I might have a lean kid of 18 who is very pretty, but I just find that I can’t click the category ‘twink’ for him. He may play basketball and have a deep voice, and is so girl crazy that I just can’t pin that category on him.

Which leads me to Labels. Everyone says they hate them, and we shouldn’t use them, but frankly, that is exactly what LANGUAGE is. A series of labels,mixed in with some verbs and other grammarian things!

“Stop labeling the models!” I get on occasion. Well, if I don’t say which team the model says he is playing on (despite what I might think personally) I wil get hundreds of letters asking is he gay or straight.

It’s VERY important that I say which he thinks he is during my summary.

People don’t like to be categorized or labeled, but we do it all the time. I have to embrace it so that people can find whatever niche turns them on, despite me mislabeling a model with my own interpretation.

What is important is to realize, is that while we constantly label people, a person can have many many labels. They just aren’t defined by that one label. That is what most people fear about labels.

But I gotta use them and it helps categorize the models. I come up with all kinds of new “labels” all the time, but the list is already getting long (plus I want to change the search so that we can search on multiple categories before adding more).

So over the course of the next couple months, I have models that I have deemed Twink and I am not sure I have always hit the mark. Just know that I am trying and while the model may not fit your definition of Twink, for some reason I have felt that members will get a Twink-like experience from the model!