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ChaosMen Nominated for Two Awards for TagTeam Video!

ChaosMen Nominated for Two Awards for TagTeam Video!
ChaosMen Nominated for Two Awards for TagTeam Video!

ChaosMen has been nominated by two different award shows for this coming award season!

Both GayVN Awards and Str8upGayPorn Awards nominated a ChaosMen video ‘Michael Mission & Mitch Matthews & Vander Pulaski – TagTeam RAW

I usually fly under the radar for these kind of things, so it says something that both awards are for this very hot video!

There is some great competition in this category, but I am thrilled that these three guys are getting the attention they deserve!

If you haven’t seen this video, I am sure you can find it somewhere free online, but it be great if you’d sign-up for ChaosMen and check out over 2,500 other amazing videos!

@Vander Pulaski, @Michael Mission, @MitchMatthews,

ChaosMen Wins 2020 CyberSocket Award!

I am really bad about posting awards. I tend to keep my head down and don’t follow industry events. I have been putting out 3 scenes a week for a decade, and I am still pretty much the only one producing the content. I do have a part-time editor, and my live-in housemate helps immensely. My hosting company also handles a lot of the tech support questions.

Many YouTubers who did daily Vlogs or even a weekly Vlog, burned out pretty quickly. They tend to fall-off after a year or so of intense posting. I am still VERY excited to create content. despite all the free competition and the brutal pace.

So it is very nice to be recognized by one of the industry’s news outlets. A couple years ago, I received a CyberSocket award for “Best Content Producer” and for 2020 we won for “Best Mobile Site”

Thank you to CyberSocket for recognizing the hard work I put into ChaosMen!

ChaosMen NOT on Instagram!

ChaosMen on Instagram!

UPDATE: After months of posting pics, Instagram suspended the account. A few images got flagged as inappropriate, despite not showing any nudity. If a hand in a photo was too close to their penis,  or even two guys kissing, they got flagged. I finally stopped posting about 6 months ago. They finally just suspended the account with no explanation. I suppose because it linked to an adult site. I find it crazy given the number of naked asses and other sexual images on other Instagrams.  I suspect someone just kept complaining. I hadn’t even gotten a lot of followers yet. So this has been abandoned as a failed experiment. Sorry Instagram followers! – Bryan Ockert -02-17-2020

So, it might be a little late to get in the Instagram game, but with Facebook and IG both not being friendly to nudity, I have focused mainly on Tumblr and Twitter.

Now ChaosMen can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.

I have been curating images to post there, and you will find the some unique images there,  There are likely naughty versions on the other social media outlets that allow for nudity.

Everyone seems to favor one social media over the other, so I am trying to keep everyone happy. Feel free to follow ChaosMen at your favorite social media outlet. Social Media Icons

I have added the Instagram icon to the Social Media bar, and you can click any of the icons and chose which is best for you.

New ChaosMen Video Cameras and Streaming Player Update!

New 4K Video Cameras!

Any video released with video number higher than 2088 (Rydell & Vander) has been shot on new 4K cameras at 60fps (Frame Per Second).

Members may have noticed the larger video size files on the 1080p and 720p downloads, and this is because the videos have twice as many frames. I am only releasing the videos in 1080p at 60fps, and not in the full 4K because a typical 4K video is about a 6GB download. As internet speeds increase, I will add them to the download area.

Despite most mobile phones and action cameras being able to shoot 4K video, there is often a limit for how long you can shoot, and battery consumption is fast. There are a handful of professional 4K cameras on the market, and I was waiting for just the right ones to come along, at the right price!

At the end of 2017, I started using them. I normally shoot with three to four cameras, so it was quite an investment in equipment. Between new computers to edit 4K multi-cam video, to the storage demands of a typical video project (About 160GB), I literally blew my wad on hardware updates.

The new cameras are not perfect, but over all, they meet the needs and demands for shooting in the ChaosMen video style.

I hope you all have noticed the increased clarity as well as the extra frames that give the cum shots extra detail!

New Video Player!

Over the last year, A few members have found that they could not stream anymore. I would get angry letters accusing me of changing something. We have been using the same player for about 3 years.

Unfortunately, browser makers like Chrome and Firefox, have been phasing out Flash, or some of the Flash features. Web browsers get updated automatically, often disabling Flash. In the dead of night, your browser gets updated.

We had Flash as our primary player, and several other types of players as fall over if Flash failed. Sometimes, a member’s browser would get updated, then streaming would fail to try the next player and just not stream. Activating Flash again on the member’s browser would solve this issue. But it was frustrating for members who had Flash installed, but it had been unknowingly deactivated by their browser maker.

Clearly, Flash is being driven out of production by the browser market. Flash will simply not be an option any longer.

Last week, we updated the primary player to FlowPlayer, using HTML5. This is going to be the industry standard… for now.

The roll-out went smooth, and we got some feedback on features that were missing or needed tweaking. Big thank-you to those that helped troubleshoot! The team at Red Apple Media did all the labor, and helped make the player look spiffy.

I am really happy with the new player. We still have the Pop Out feature so you can resize your streaming window to whatever size you wish.

There is also better integration with Apple’s AirPlay for streaming to other devices such as an AppleTV. Though, I am not going to vouch for the streaming quality on a 72-inch TV! For that, you really should download the 1080p file, add to your iTunes library, and stream to your AppleTV.

But the biggest change is something you should not even notice. It is just more compatible with all the various operating systems. From Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and then each having different web browsers like IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Opera, it is much harder to find a video player that meets all their various peculiarities.

So hopefully, you aren’t noticing anything and it is working perfect for the majority of viewers.

Finally, we are working hard on having scrubbing thumbnails. I love being able to scrub along the timeline and see a preview of the action. Most video sites have this, but it does take generating those thumbnails when you upload the video.

Basically, we have to go back and create millions of little thumbnails on over 2000 videos. We are hoping to automate that of course, but I might spend my evenings trying to update 10 years of videos.

I know this is a boring tech-filled update, but I am excited with the higher quality of the cameras and the video player!

Bryan Ockert

It’s Marathon Season!


Holiday Marathon from October 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2018

Longtime ChaosMen fans are likely familiar with our End of Year Marathons.

As a reward for current members, I put as many videos together over the last 3 holidays, airing videos daily. October brings Monster Cock Week (Oct. 23rd-31st), where I focus on bringing you the biggest meat I can find. November is the Extra Giblets & Butt-Stuffing Marathon (Nov. 20th-27th) with 5 times the sex films. Finally, December has the Holiday Marathon running from Dec. 22nd to January 1st, with a little bit of everything.

I want to thank all the members, despite all the free porn you have access to, you all have continued to support my family, my limited staff, as well as keeping the models above water. YOU make a huge difference in their lives!

My biggest budget expense is model payments, followed by travel. It takes a lot to run a site. One month alone I can spend $10k on travel. That is a LOT of $20 memberships to cover that expense alone.

We work extra hard to make sure you get some bonus videos, and of course, we hope you will continue to support Team Chaos!

Hardware Upgrades


This week we have noticed slow/buffered streaming and interrupted downloads. We see some hardware I/O issues and have spent the last couple days porting to new servers. This weekend, you may notice continued slowness and occasionally the site will be down as we move to all new hardware. We have to make sure the new OS is compatible with the content management services that run the site. I apologize for all the hiccups, but over the years whenever the site has had issues, it usually means we will have overall improvements in speed, storage, and access. We just keep growing!


Servers are all online and running quickly!

Holiday Marathons are Coming! (And a Sale!)

Holiday Marathon Sale!
Holiday Marathon Sale!

It’s that time of year again!

As a “Thank-Ya’ll” to the members who have supported Team Chaos throughout the year, I try to double the output for the 3 holidays coming in the next 3 months.

I figure many people have days-off, need a little escape from holiday madness, or perhaps a spiffy new computer or device to watch video on.  It has gotten a lot harder to pull-these marathons off. Mostly because I have been airing 4 videos per week, so been airing pretty much everything I have.

Tubesites, torrents, and even Tumblr have wreaked havoc on the industry, and ChaosMen is no exception. It is very hard to get people to pull their wallets out and actually pay for porn these days, so me and models are doubly thankful to all you members who continue to support them. Not sure how long I can keep doing 4 releases a week. My goal was to try to have something everyday for you all to come see, but at the price point I am at, it has been tough to pull-off.

3 Month Memberships $10 Off!
3 Month Memberships $10 Off!

Regardless, I am still moving forward full-tilt with the Marathons. I likely say this every year, but it is one of the best I have had. I literally filmed each video specifically for the Marathons.  Yeah, there are a few clunkers in there, but overall, the quality and the guys are amazing! Lots of new faces too, and some of the more recent guys (Braxton & Kellan) will be making some full-interactive appearances.

Now I have to pay for all these videos, so I am hoping that a little sale will help pull previous members back, as well as generate some new fans.

Since the Marathons span 3 months, I put the 3 month membership on sale. It is $10 off the regular price. Ok, ok, so it may not be a huge savings, but it is rather expensive to put all this together, plus I don’t want to make current members too jealous! The sale will run until December 31st, 2013.

That is over 50 videos for $49.95. Come on! That’s less than a buck a video!

If you join today, October 3rd, your membership will encompass the entire Marathon season. Of course if  you join after, then your membership goes beyond the New Year, and still get all the vids.

Monster Cock Week!
Monster Cock Week!

Monster Cock Week – Halloween Week Marathon!

What would Monster Cock week be without Vander making an appearance!?  Vander will be on hiatus for a couple months, as he is starting grad school and getting working for his Doctorate.  Yeah, hunky, hung AND smart! Triple threat”

I have a few videos of him to air while he figures out his schedule, and he will be back, so you “Fanders” don’t need to worry.  You all got him through his undergraduate, but we are figuring out how demanding his grad school program will be.


Monster Cock Week!
Monster Cock Week – Featuring Troi!

Monster Cock Week!
Monster Cock Week – Featuring Apollo!

This year I bring on a couple new faces as well. Troi is now part of Team Chaos, and his videos will start airing the week of Halloween. Apollo will also have a couple videos, each giving beer cans and remotes a run for the money!

This marathon mostly contains solos and orals, but Vander will be sitting on Troi’s giant cock as well!

3 Month Memberships $10 Off!
3 Month Memberships $10 Off!



Giblets and Butt-Stuffing Week!
Giblets and Butt-Stuffing Week!

Giblets and Butt-Stuffing – Thanksgiving Week Marathon

I amp’d up the Butt-stuffing portions on this Marathon with 3 heaping helpings of sex films that week. New guy Kellan stuffs perennial favorite Solomon. And there should be a nice Edge video in there as well.



Holiday Marathon!
Holiday Marathon!

2013 Holiday Marathon

This is the longest Marathon with the most variety. From Edge, RAW, Massage Service and an amazing TagTeam with Gavin, Jet and Cooper Reed taking it up the bum in his first appearance on ChaosMen!


3 Month Memberships $10 Off!
3 Month Memberships $10 Off!

PayPerDownload Now Availablet @!

Pay Per Download

I finally got about 600 Pay Per Downloads Online at!

Every night I would set aside an hour to get  30-100 videos added to the shopping cart. Kinda slow to go on my own, but I believe I have enough online to make the official announcement.

I currently release about 16-20 videos per month on the site. With membership at $19.95 for recurring members, I am hoping everyone sees what a great deal that is. Pretty sure no other “boutique” amateur site does as many releases.

With these new 1080p .h264 (MP4) formatted videos, I knew I could not afford to add them as part of a regular membership.  With the file sizes so large, I figured Collectors would be the ones who wanted these super high quality versions. Regular memberships still get the lower quality 720p HD, and those that want the ultimate quality/size could do them à la carte at  Director’s Cuts are available as well, and I added them at the to not run afoul of any of the Payment processors who take exception to fetish content.

I haven’t decided if I want to put the most current releases up, as of course my bread and butter comes from memberships. So for now, the collection online truly is for those that want the best quality of previously released videos.

I tend to think of videos in sets of 100, since I number the videos as I go.  I got videos 500 to 1199 uplaoded and ready to go, with larger CamCaps and all with previews. Videos 1200 and higher are currently airing on Not sure if that is the best way for shoppers to find their favorite videos, but if you do a search on a model’s name, or search for a theme, you should find a collection of that model or theme fairly easily.

If the demand is good, and people want say, ALL the EDGE videos, I can go back and start adding the 200-400 series. Anything before that was shot in Standard Definition. It is hard to believe that I was one of the first sites shooting in HD, and most of my collection can be released in full HD.

This has been a long process, but it has been worth it because I am working to update with larger previews  and preview images. So going back and reformatting the CamCap previews needed to be done will be time well-spent. With almost 1300 videos shot, I have a shit ton of images to re-size and re-format. The site has become a beast!

Currently, members can get a $1.00 on each video download by using a promo code, so be sure to log into the Member Zone to get the code!


PURE Chaos this Summer @

I will be introducing a new “theme” at ChaosMen on June 7th.

I of course am big on themes, vs plot, and I have tried a little bit of everything in the past. The PURE theme is a bit like the Bossy videos, except instead of being a little more hardcore, they tend to be more romantic, sensual, and wet sexy hotness!

It is a simple shift in energy and location, but really makes a HUGE impact. I wanted the room to be white so it would drop away, making the focus just on the action. We added a lot of body oil. The models that have amazing bodies, really have been getting-off to the muscle-worship it inspires.

I have filmed about 8 of these and most will air over the Summer of 2013.

Below are some Sneak Peek pics of some of the action in 3 of the videos. You may note some new models, Santoro, and Bay. Bay will be making a big impact this Summer, and is definitely the new talent to keep an eye on. The dude is sex on a stick! He has two Peep videos that will be airing in June.


If you would like to see a Pure video preview check out!

New DVDs and PPD on the way!

A few changes at!

I have upgraded the shopping cart, and have a new merchant account. This will allow me to do some Pay Per Downloads on select titles. More on that below.

But I also added two new Shear Chaos titles. If you have purchased from before, please note that I did not import any saved personal information, so you will have to re-setup your basic account info.

Shear Chaos 9 - Front
Shear Chaos 9 – Front


Shear Chaos 8 - Front
Shear Chaos 8 – Front


Shear Chaos 9 - Back
Shear Chaos 9 – Back


Shear Chaos 8 - Back
Shear Chaos 8 – Back




We are in the process of upgrading the servers at, so I have a lot more room, and of course, speedier dishing up of videos.

As I mentioned above, the new cart at will allow me to do digital products, and over the last couple months, I have been encoding the HD vids into full 1080p at 6000kbs. So they are VERY high quality and also quite large. Most videos  start about 1GB per file.

They are not good for streaming, and this large size and quality is really more conducive for Pay Per Download (PPD). I could raise membership prices to offset the cost, but I think in general, these vids are for collectors who want the highest quality they can find for the ultimate home theater collection.  Price for each video is $4.99

Having the cart stand on it’s own is a way for me to have content that CCBill or Epoch might not otherwise allow on ChaosMen.

The videos are definitely not for everyone, but I think collector’s and those wanting the highest quality available will really like. Plus they look amazing on a 55″ or above LED TV!

I have added only about 20 videos so far. Lots of leg work to add them, but over the next couple weeks I will be adding 200-300 videos.