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ChaosMen’s ‘Vander’ Periscope Interview! (Re-Broadcast from 10-27-15)

ChaosMen’s ‘Vander’ cam show on 10-27-15 via Periscope! Lots of great questions and comments from viewers! Full live cam show will air for ChaosMen members on 11-03-15

ChaosMen’s ‘Griffin’ Periscope Interview! (Re-Broadcast from 10-03-15)

ChaosMen’s ‘Griffin’ cam show on 10-01-15 via Periscope! Things as usual got heated after this Periscope interview! Full live cam show will air for ChaosMen members on 10-08-15

ChaosMen’s Troi Periscope Interview! (Re-Broadcast from 08-12-15)

ChaosMen’s Troi cam show on 08-12-15 via Periscope! Things as usual got heated after the Periscope!

Lorenzo’s Persiscope Interview!


ChaosMen’s second attempt at a Live Cam, and it went a bit better. We diminished the chat sounds, but I hear them now and again, so will have to work on that. The audio is highly compressed and sounds like a bad Skype connection, but that I think I can fix.

Lorenzo found himself in the same position as Vander did for his Live Show (That one got naughty real quick and isn’t good for YouTube). Lorenzo had shot a video earlier that day, and also had another first thing in the morning.

This is about 45 miuntes of a 90 minute chat. The first 45 minutes with Lorenzo was more of an interview. This is from the Periscope camera and we needed to not have explicit video for Periscope as well as YouTube.

There were some really great questions too! Lorenzo did a great job of repeating the question before answering so the re-broadcast would be less confusing. He truly thought about his answers and I think you get a better idea of what kind of guy he is.

The last half hour he got naked and showed-off for the cams. His cock really wanted to play as it got hard as soon as he was naked. But he was a good boy and held his nut for the next day’s shoot. Which was worth doing, because his nut was HUGE! That video was with Truman, so that will air in October. Sorry guys, I tend to run 3 months ahead juuust in case I get sick or can’t get models in.

Periscope people tend to hold their camera phone in a vertical position and that works fine for a Live Broadcast, but next time I will film horizontal so it fills the standard online video container size.

Anyway, let me know what you think. We are still trying to figure out how to splice the cam shows into the current version of the site for the best navigation.