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PayPerDownload Now Availablet @!

Pay Per Download

I finally got about 600 Pay Per Downloads Online at!

Every night I would set aside an hour to get  30-100 videos added to the shopping cart. Kinda slow to go on my own, but I believe I have enough online to make the official announcement.

I currently release about 16-20 videos per month on the site. With membership at $19.95 for recurring members, I am hoping everyone sees what a great deal that is. Pretty sure no other “boutique” amateur site does as many releases.

With these new 1080p .h264 (MP4) formatted videos, I knew I could not afford to add them as part of a regular membership.  With the file sizes so large, I figured Collectors would be the ones who wanted these super high quality versions. Regular memberships still get the lower quality 720p HD, and those that want the ultimate quality/size could do them à la carte at  Director’s Cuts are available as well, and I added them at the to not run afoul of any of the Payment processors who take exception to fetish content.

I haven’t decided if I want to put the most current releases up, as of course my bread and butter comes from memberships. So for now, the collection online truly is for those that want the best quality of previously released videos.

I tend to think of videos in sets of 100, since I number the videos as I go.  I got videos 500 to 1199 uplaoded and ready to go, with larger CamCaps and all with previews. Videos 1200 and higher are currently airing on Not sure if that is the best way for shoppers to find their favorite videos, but if you do a search on a model’s name, or search for a theme, you should find a collection of that model or theme fairly easily.

If the demand is good, and people want say, ALL the EDGE videos, I can go back and start adding the 200-400 series. Anything before that was shot in Standard Definition. It is hard to believe that I was one of the first sites shooting in HD, and most of my collection can be released in full HD.

This has been a long process, but it has been worth it because I am working to update with larger previews  and preview images. So going back and reformatting the CamCap previews needed to be done will be time well-spent. With almost 1300 videos shot, I have a shit ton of images to re-size and re-format. The site has become a beast!

Currently, members can get a $1.00 on each video download by using a promo code, so be sure to log into the Member Zone to get the code!


New DVDs and PPD on the way!

A few changes at!

I have upgraded the shopping cart, and have a new merchant account. This will allow me to do some Pay Per Downloads on select titles. More on that below.

But I also added two new Shear Chaos titles. If you have purchased from before, please note that I did not import any saved personal information, so you will have to re-setup your basic account info.

Shear Chaos 9 - Front
Shear Chaos 9 – Front


Shear Chaos 8 - Front
Shear Chaos 8 – Front


Shear Chaos 9 - Back
Shear Chaos 9 – Back


Shear Chaos 8 - Back
Shear Chaos 8 – Back




We are in the process of upgrading the servers at, so I have a lot more room, and of course, speedier dishing up of videos.

As I mentioned above, the new cart at will allow me to do digital products, and over the last couple months, I have been encoding the HD vids into full 1080p at 6000kbs. So they are VERY high quality and also quite large. Most videos  start about 1GB per file.

They are not good for streaming, and this large size and quality is really more conducive for Pay Per Download (PPD). I could raise membership prices to offset the cost, but I think in general, these vids are for collectors who want the highest quality they can find for the ultimate home theater collection.  Price for each video is $4.99

Having the cart stand on it’s own is a way for me to have content that CCBill or Epoch might not otherwise allow on ChaosMen.

The videos are definitely not for everyone, but I think collector’s and those wanting the highest quality available will really like. Plus they look amazing on a 55″ or above LED TV!

I have added only about 20 videos so far. Lots of leg work to add them, but over the next couple weeks I will be adding 200-300 videos.

10 New Collectible Note Cards

Anyone who has shopped at the store is aware I usually stick some extra goodies into the order. Mouse Pads and Calendars have all been fair game, but the note cards are ‘usually always’ included.

Every year I refresh the cards. Sometimes buyers get the same set, depending on the release schedule of new products.

This time out, for series #4, we added 10 new cards! Yep, this is the 4th batch of collectible guys!
Previous batches of cards are unavailable as we use up every last one.

I have a tough time calling them “Post Cards” since it might be awkward to mail them. And sure, they may be useless swag to many, but I have found that many shoppers have been collecting them over the years.

Last DVD release, they came in, but the printer had reproduced them very poorly and had to reprint them. It was sad to see that many note cards get recycled, but the printing was pretty awful. Anyone placing an order in the last month or so has already received them, but for all intents and purposes, new shoppers this time out will be getting them.

Again, I know it’s not much, but at the price point I sell the DVDs, I do want to make sure anyone that is shopping at the store is getting a few extra… inches, when they place an order!

This time out you will be getting the following hot guys:

As Seen on ChaosMen - Bentley
As Seen on ChaosMen – Bentley
As Seen on ChaosMen – Chaz Riley
As Seen on ChaosMen – Chaz Riley
As Seen on ChaosMen – Darius
As Seen on ChaosMen – Darius
As Seen on ChaosMen – Delaney
As Seen on ChaosMen – Delaney
As Seen on ChaosMen – Gavin Sevin
As Seen on ChaosMen – Gavin Sevin
As Seen on ChaosMen – Glenn
As Seen on ChaosMen – Glenn
As Seen on ChaosMen – Jet
As Seen on ChaosMen – Jet
As Seen on ChaosMen – Joiner
As Seen on ChaosMen – Joiner
As Seen on ChaosMen – Ross
As Seen on ChaosMen – Ross
As Seen on ChaosMen – Solomon
As Seen on ChaosMen – Solomon

2 New Serviced DVDs at!

Hey Team Chaos!

Just a real quick update to let everyone know 2 new Serviced DVDs are now on sale at

Serviced, Vol. 6
Serviced, Vol. 6
Serviced, Vol. 7
Serviced, Vol. 7

Director’s Cuts Available for Limited Time on ChaosMen!

Allen & Vander RAW Piss!
Allen & Vander RAW Piss!

This was a major undertaking!

As you might have seen from the last entry, I released three new DVDs, one of which is the long-awaited RAW Piss DVD!

A couple weeks ago, I slowly  added the Director’s Cuts of the Piss action versions of these videos to the site. As long as I don’t go crazy and post piss images or text, everyone seems to be cool. I never know what kind of thing CCBill or Epoch will take offense to,  that’s why it is a Limited Time!

Did you all know that the site is constantly scrubbed for “offensive” content. Like the word “force” or “forced” can’t be anywhere in the site. I guess it implies rape? Which is of course a word I can’t use on the site. So I can’t even say, “He forced his cock deep inside.”   But I can say, “He wedged his cock deep inside.” or  “He jack-hammered him with his cock.”  Ahhhh semantics!

Anyway, my goal was to time the release of the new DVDs, with the Director’s Cuts on the site, along with the latest CRAZY Piss Video, Allen & Vander.

Well, the DVDs took extra long. I had no idea I was creeping up in time on two of the DVDs.  The Piss and Edge video both got up to 4.5 hours each!  I’m still not keen on licensing Blu-Ray, and well, if I had, it still would be a Double Disk set. So the price is a little higher, and it took us a bit longer to get packaging setup for Double Disk sets.

I actually had another video to air today, but wanted to try and make sure that Members of the site could see all the scenes (except for the Bonus scene ~ahem~) at the same time shoppers could get the DVDs.  So I spent the night trying to get everything setup. As usual, everything has a ton of spelling and grammar errors. I like to think of it as my trademark!

To quickly get to the Director’s Cuts, you can just click here, or go to Search and type Director and submit. It is also in the Advanced Keyword search.

Allen & Vander RAW Piss
Allen & Vander RAW Piss


Allen & Vander RAW Piss
Allen & Vander RAW Piss


Allen & Vander RAW Piss!
Allen & Vander RAW Piss!


Allen & Vander RAW Piss!
Allen & Vander RAW Piss!

Three New DVDs At ChaosMen!

I just wanted to fire-off a quick email to let you all know that there are 3 new DVDs at the store!

Shear Chaos RAW Piss Double DVD!
Shear Chaos RAW Piss – Double Disk DVD – 8 Director’s Cuts of ChaosMen’s hottest and wettest action!

Edge, Vol. 5
Edge, Vol. 5 – Double Disk DVD – The latest in ChaosMen’s most popular series!

Juiced, Vol. 5
Juiced, Vol. 1 – If you want a frenzy of “just the endings” this DVD will satisfy over and over!


Newest Box Set
As usual, I try to release several DVDs at once so collectors can get all the New Stuff, save on shipping as well as Box Set discount!

Shear Chaos RAW Piss USB ThumbDrive

In Case You Missed It!

Shear Chaos Raw Piss USB ThumbDrive, Vol. 2 – Six new scenes to add to your HD collection!

Three Upcoming DVDs!

So I have been a little quiet on the Blog lately. Trying to Tweet a bit more.

I spent most of March developing some new DVDs. They do take a long time. Artwork, remastering the videos, etc. I always try to do 2-3 DVDs at a time, cuz I figure if you are shopping, I may as well offer you a discount on buying several DVDs at once.  So it can take a while.

I also have to master them for AEBN who also carries my DVDs. If you are a member of the site, all this stuff has already been featured a while back on the site. But fans of the DVD format or even Piss stuff will be happy.

Currently, all 3 DVDs are at the replicators and printers, and your guess is as good as mine as to when they will come out. End of June?  They are pretty good at getting one title done, but then they do the second title, then the third, and I have to wait for all three to come out so I can offer the “bulk” discount, as well as saving on shipping.

AEBN got on the stick and I already saw the Edge, Vol.  5 posted.  They were supposed to wait till June, but I guess they were eager to get them online!

Here is what is coming out, and for Pee fans, you finally get a piss DVD!

Raw Piss DVD
Raw Piss DVD

Finally a DVD with all the Piss videos I could muster. Those of you buying the DVD might actually see some scenes not quite yet posted on the site.  Of course the versions on the site wont have any person-person-person piss play, as CCBill will not allow it, so if you are not a fan of piss play, those videos are sanitized for your protection.

Obviously from the cover, you can tell Allen and Vander went piss crazy, and it is a 45 minute video.  Pretty sure it will be a double disk set as it takes a lot of time to pee!  If you bought the USB Drive, sorry, four of the scenes on the disk are from the USB drive.  I am not sure if I will do another USB drive with the 4 new scenes in 1080p. If you liked the USB drive and want that resolution, and not just a DVD, speak up!

There is a bonus scene on this video that is kind of funny to watch.  I can’t air it on the site in anyway, because it really is all piss!

Edge Vol.5
Edge Vol.5


Hard to believe we are on the 5th volume from this series. This DVD features Solomon on the cover, and 8 previously aired Edge DVDs.


This is a new series with just the part of the video containing Juicing or Creampie action.  I love watching compilations of guys just nutting, and this has both Tops and Bottoms busting their nut, with 60 loads.  There are a few sneak peaks at some soon to be released videos, but likely by the time the DVDs are completed, the videos may have aired on the site.

Cumpilations aren’t for everyone, but I know many guys have been asking for a cum frenzy marathon!

Anyway, stay tuned for release dates as things come together!


USB Drives Sold Out!

Jake & Taylor RAW PISS!
Jake & Taylor RAW PISS!

OK. So maybe I didn’t gauge properly the popularity of piss videos.

I should have known based on the sales of the even the censored versions that people were thirsty for such videos. But with the wholesale price of the USB drive being so expensive, I only purchased enough that I thought would get me through a couple weeks, and if they did well, I would have time to re-order

Well, we sold out over the weekend plus a day or two.

I am getting requests from all over the world to ship internationally, something I am loathe to do because my shopping cart can’t handle the shipping rates, as well as all the international laws on porn and paperwork for customs and declared value.

My distributor wants to carry them, so there is hope for international distribution. Buuuuuut.

The Tsunami that just hit Japan, will cause a serious price increase in thumb drives. Likely a 40-60 percent increase.

On Monday morning, after seeing sales over the weekend do well, re-ordering more drives was my first priority.  I ordered 3 times what I did previously. Can’t wait to see that bill 🙁 !

They warned me about he price increase, but to go in to distribution I need like a couple thousand and frankly at 15.00 bucks a piece, that is a lot of upfront investment!

Plus the DiscMaker USB drive replicator that does 15 USB drives at one time  isn’t working, so I had to use three computers, copying two drives at once. It takes about 45 minutes to get 6 USB drives done. I was quite busy juggling USB drives to keep up with the sales!

DiscMakers support is very helpful, but my gut tells me either I got a bad unit, or I am doing something wrong.

The new USB thumb drives are going to be different too. They cost more as the ones I bought  are out of. Something I hadn’t counted on.  So I went with a different model, that I think is pretty cool looking.

Anyway, I thought I would post this, so you all can see/hear the “Behind the Scenes” part of just making one simple product.

They “Should” be back in stock by the end of the month, hopefully before I leave for the Phoenix forum.

After I get through what I just ordered, I may not carry them until prices go back down on them.   So if you see them get back in inventory, and you were holding out for a sale or something, ya better place your order!

I guess it’s “To Pee!”

Raw Piss USB Drive!

In my last post I mentioned I was exploring a new way to get these very “light” watersport videos out to the public.

My first priority was to make these videos extra special since the “Censored” versions are already on the site. Sure adding the piss scenes back in would be great, but that would be kind of expected.  I have been wanting to start downloading the videos at full 1920×1080 HD resolution…Buuuut…

That causes me a lot of issues. Already the servers can get taxed easily, and you may or may not have  noticed, but my membership price is the lowest of most sites, especially for one nearing 800 videos on it.  Taking on the added expense of the bandwidth would force a monthly membership nearing the $40 mark.

Raw Piss 1
Taylor & Vander Promo Card

I thought maybe I should have an Elite level of membership, but it just seemed yucky. It is all coming from the same server farm so the Elite members really aren’t getting faster download, and would slow down the site for regular members.

I debated Pay Per Download, which actually might work, but again, it can take hours to get a 1-2GB file.  A download manager would be needed. Plus the compression would make the videos “big” but with lots of compression artifacts.

Ultimately, I wanted to give the audience something they could use, and that might leap frog the latest technology…or at the very least, utilize many of the new ways we all view video.

I could do a BluRay disk of the 4 scenes, but between licensing and the cost of production, the price point for such a short run would be about $40 bucks.  And customers are stuck watching it on a BluRay device, which they may not have.  I have seen two rather prominent tech industry gurus saying BluRay is the wrong direction to go, as we seem to be quite happy viewing highly compressed video via computers to watch Netflix, YouTube, and even such events as the Olympics. They both declare BluRay to go the way of BetaMax. I’m not so sure, but with 3D taking a hold, BluRay may still dominate. (See CNET’s Doomed Technologies)

If you can’t tell by now, I am a media whore.

There, I admit it.

I work 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week, and never get to watch TV or movies. I don’t even have a cable box anymore for lack of use. The iPad was genius to me. I could subscribe to 5-6 TV shows, or rip one of the hundreds of  movies in my DVD collection, and I would have something to do while I do my 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at they gym, or kill time waiting for a model’s delayed flight.

Portable media is VERY important in my life, and I suspect, many of you are accessing your media in many different ways.

Jake & Taylor RAW PISS
Jake & Taylor Promo Card

I also have the Western Digital WD Live Media Player. This thing is so cool! Drop all your videos on to a hard drive (or USB drive) and you can play most anything. I have a 2 TB drive filled with .VOB versions of my collection of boring nature shows.

I watch these as I go to bed cuz the narration is calm and soothing, and stops my brain from worrying how I am gonna keep the Chaos boat afloat!

It will play Internet media like Netflix too, though you really have to have an Ethernet cable to it. Something I suspect very few people have. I am a tech dork, so I have the whole house wired.

Apple TV is dang cool too! Only 99 bucks and it will play WIRELESSLY if you don’t have a wired connection. You do need the latest version of iTunes, Homesharing turned on and a WiFi Router, but whatever is in your library, it can play.  It also has Internet media such as Netflix and YouTube, so you don’t have to have Ethernet, just your WiFi router to play Internet media. Andp layback is as smooth as silk even over WiFi!

So all those TV shows and Movies you iTunes purchased (That still have DRM protection on them! Grrrr!) can now be played on your big screen. The latest iPad promises to have this function built in, but Apps like Air Video already do that.

Some of the newer BluRay Players have USB ports and you can play videos from a thumb drive, but my guess is they don’t support that many formats.

It’s a toss up for me if the WD Player is better than Apple TV. The WD Player is faster with Ethernet, you can attach a giant storage device, and it allows you to zoom in and out if the video isn’t fitting your screen aspect properly. Whereas the Apple TV is dead simple and if you have a vast iTunes library of music and video, you can access all of it in the comfort of another room.

All this brought me to USB thumb drives as a solution.

What if I purchased an 8GB drive, dump the video files in 4 sizes (SM,MD, LG, & HD) in MPG4/.H264 format, added all the pictures and camcaps, and even did up some collectible cards? Would it be at a price point people would buy?

Turns out 8 GB drives are about $14-15 wholesale. Yikes! That would put my price point at about $35 bucks in order to make money off of it. I am thinking if I buy direct from China I could get the price lower all the way around. But for a test run, I would order 100 USB drives at the going wholesale price.

Raw Piss 3
Eli & Vander Promo Card

It is expensive, but I figured that the USB thumb drive is recyclable, and a customer can safely archive the video off the drive, and re-use it for other things.   Printing  a logo or “imprint” on the drive is actually free at most wholesalers, but I deliberately left the logo off so that customers can use the drive at work or not worry that a porn site logo might be seen out in general public.

So they are now for sale at the store, for a whopping $34.95 (I agree, it’s pricey, but many porn DVD’s are still $49.95).

I think it is a pretty good deal all-told. You get a re-usable thumb drive, and the movies in all kinds of sizes for your mobile devices that accept the MP4 codec.  iPhone size, Ipad size, and HD  size for AppleTV  and WD Live. And of course, it can be played on your computer just as easily.

Raw Piss 4
Jake & Taylor Promo Card

Plus the video with Jake and Taylor doesn’t air for another week (Air Date 03/18/11) so you get a jump on viewing it (If you order right away!)

So this is how I came up with the HD Thumb Drive idea. Will it fly? I don’t know. I am thinking of it as a test for future USB Thumb Drive releases. I could do compilations of all time favorite videos in the future.

I do know that I only ordered a 100 USB drives, so the quantity, for now, is limited.

I know this method of delivery can be easily criticized, but I wanted fans to know how I came up with the idea, and the logic I put behind it.

If you are a fan of a little piss play, I guarantee the videos are worth adding to your collection!