ChaosMen NOT on Instagram!

ChaosMen on Instagram!

UPDATE: After months of posting pics, Instagram suspended the account. A few images got flagged as inappropriate, despite not showing any nudity. If a hand in a photo was too close to their penis,  or even two guys kissing, they got flagged. I finally stopped posting about 6 months ago. They finally just suspended the account with no explanation. I suppose because it linked to an adult site. I find it crazy given the number of naked asses and other sexual images on other Instagrams.  I suspect someone just kept complaining. I hadn’t even gotten a lot of followers yet. So this has been abandoned as a failed experiment. Sorry Instagram followers! – Bryan Ockert -02-17-2020

So, it might be a little late to get in the Instagram game, but with Facebook and IG both not being friendly to nudity, I have focused mainly on Tumblr and Twitter.

Now ChaosMen can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.

I have been curating images to post there, and you will find the some unique images there,  There are likely naughty versions on the other social media outlets that allow for nudity.

Everyone seems to favor one social media over the other, so I am trying to keep everyone happy. Feel free to follow ChaosMen at your favorite social media outlet. Social Media Icons

I have added the Instagram icon to the Social Media bar, and you can click any of the icons and chose which is best for you.