ChaosMen Wins 2020 CyberSocket Award!

I am really bad about posting awards. I tend to keep my head down and don’t follow industry events. I have been putting out 3 scenes a week for a decade, and I am still pretty much the only one producing the content. I do have a part-time editor, and my live-in housemate helps immensely. My hosting company also handles a lot of the tech support questions.

Many YouTubers who did daily Vlogs or even a weekly Vlog, burned out pretty quickly. They tend to fall-off after a year or so of intense posting. I am still VERY excited to create content. despite all the free competition and the brutal pace.

So it is very nice to be recognized by one of the industry’s news outlets. A couple years ago, I received a CyberSocket award for “Best Content Producer” and for 2020 we won for “Best Mobile Site”

Thank you to CyberSocket for recognizing the hard work I put into ChaosMen!