First Day at Phoenix Forum

Steven (Red Apple Media) and Bryan
Steven (Red Apple Media) and Bryan schmoozing at a bar

As I mentioned to one of the commentators of my last post, I quickly realized if I attend this event like I did yesterday, I will literally be gone from my hotel from 9am till 2am.  No need to be fussy about the hotlel as I am clearly not going to be spending a lot of  time  in it.

I attended two seminars that were both informative and frustrating, as panelist don’t have the same opinions about how to best run a website or handle pressing issues.  TOTAL VALUE in this, but it does make me think about what to do to make ChaosMen a better value for members, best way to protect my content that I spend night and day on, and new offerings and technology to make the ChaosMen experience smoother all-the-way-around.

I said “Hi!” to Frank at Epoch and Gary at CCBill and few other people I have only emailed or spoke on the phone with.  So it was nice to put a face to the words/voice. Need to spend more time with them today. I have an agenda!

I spent most of my time hanging with my webhosting team Steven, Remik, and one of the Buzz West owners, as well as the two guys who built the Silverlight interface. They are both straight and though the conference is mixed, it was a pretty gay day. Straight companies didn’t seem to make a presence until late in the evening.   It didn’t matter to them at all. I thought they would be bored by some of the seminars, but if anything, the two are totally energized in finding ways to get content out to my members in new and novel ways, and to take advantage of emerging technologies.

So that means I have some programmers eager to make ChaosMen even better. That alone was worth the price of the flight and hotel!

And on top of all that, both guys are hysterical and crazy fun to be around.

As usual these events are also about the parties and making socially lubricated (tipsy) contacts, rather than just sitting in a dry or feisty discussion group.  I tend to think this is when a lot of discussion about formulating game plans happen. Now, if they will remember it the next day will have to be determined!

All these boys can drink, and were trying to pace themselves as I guess the parties ramp up. They were doing a fine job getting a buzz, and not getting sloppy, but they were drunk and funny.

As straight guys, AND having looked at my site over the years, they had the same, “These guys aren’t straight” attitude, but I asked them both some basic info , and they totally “got” how straight guys would find doing gay work easier than they initially thought.

So it was fun to hang with them, tease them about things they never thought about, and then watch them, for some reason, get more and more excited about amping up ChaosMen.

Like I said, we’ll have to see if it was just alcohol talking, but somehow I think these two are totally behind Team Chaos.

I of course, have never really drank, so as usual the drinkers are fascinated by that, and try to get me drunk.  Why that has been a challenge for 30 years when going to clubs is bit beyond me. The only thing I can think is no one wants to be a drunken mess alone! (No one was  a drunken mess, but they def. were loooooose!)

I suspect today will be a bit more somber as there might be some hangover action.  I have only one seminar today that I want to attend, so the rest I guess will be networking and watching everyone get their drink on again, which I have to say, is a lot more fun now that everyone is mature. Less messy!

Since they gave me a hard time about not drinking, I had a blast hanging with them and giving them a hard time about just how straight were they. It was fun. Not sure they could take two more nights of that without alienating them, so perhaps tonight I will mingle out of my safety zone and meet some new people.