I guess it’s “To Pee!”

Raw Piss USB Drive!

In my last post I mentioned I was exploring a new way to get these very “light” watersport videos out to the public.

My first priority was to make these videos extra special since the “Censored” versions are already on the site. Sure adding the piss scenes back in would be great, but that would be kind of expected.  I have been wanting to start downloading the videos at full 1920×1080 HD resolution…Buuuut…

That causes me a lot of issues. Already the servers can get taxed easily, and you may or may not have  noticed, but my membership price is the lowest of most sites, especially for one nearing 800 videos on it.  Taking on the added expense of the bandwidth would force a monthly membership nearing the $40 mark.

Raw Piss 1
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I thought maybe I should have an Elite level of membership, but it just seemed yucky. It is all coming from the same server farm so the Elite members really aren’t getting faster download, and would slow down the site for regular members.

I debated Pay Per Download, which actually might work, but again, it can take hours to get a 1-2GB file.  A download manager would be needed. Plus the compression would make the videos “big” but with lots of compression artifacts.

Ultimately, I wanted to give the audience something they could use, and that might leap frog the latest technology…or at the very least, utilize many of the new ways we all view video.

I could do a BluRay disk of the 4 scenes, but between licensing and the cost of production, the price point for such a short run would be about $40 bucks.  And customers are stuck watching it on a BluRay device, which they may not have.  I have seen two rather prominent tech industry gurus saying BluRay is the wrong direction to go, as we seem to be quite happy viewing highly compressed video via computers to watch Netflix, YouTube, and even such events as the Olympics. They both declare BluRay to go the way of BetaMax. I’m not so sure, but with 3D taking a hold, BluRay may still dominate. (See CNET’s Doomed Technologies)

If you can’t tell by now, I am a media whore.

There, I admit it.

I work 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week, and never get to watch TV or movies. I don’t even have a cable box anymore for lack of use. The iPad was genius to me. I could subscribe to 5-6 TV shows, or rip one of the hundreds of  movies in my DVD collection, and I would have something to do while I do my 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at they gym, or kill time waiting for a model’s delayed flight.

Portable media is VERY important in my life, and I suspect, many of you are accessing your media in many different ways.

Jake & Taylor RAW PISS
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I also have the Western Digital WD Live Media Player. This thing is so cool! Drop all your videos on to a hard drive (or USB drive) and you can play most anything. I have a 2 TB drive filled with .VOB versions of my collection of boring nature shows.

I watch these as I go to bed cuz the narration is calm and soothing, and stops my brain from worrying how I am gonna keep the Chaos boat afloat!

It will play Internet media like Netflix too, though you really have to have an Ethernet cable to it. Something I suspect very few people have. I am a tech dork, so I have the whole house wired.

Apple TV is dang cool too! Only 99 bucks and it will play WIRELESSLY if you don’t have a wired connection. You do need the latest version of iTunes, Homesharing turned on and a WiFi Router, but whatever is in your library, it can play.  It also has Internet media such as Netflix and YouTube, so you don’t have to have Ethernet, just your WiFi router to play Internet media. Andp layback is as smooth as silk even over WiFi!

So all those TV shows and Movies you iTunes purchased (That still have DRM protection on them! Grrrr!) can now be played on your big screen. The latest iPad promises to have this function built in, but Apps like Air Video already do that.

Some of the newer BluRay Players have USB ports and you can play videos from a thumb drive, but my guess is they don’t support that many formats.

It’s a toss up for me if the WD Player is better than Apple TV. The WD Player is faster with Ethernet, you can attach a giant storage device, and it allows you to zoom in and out if the video isn’t fitting your screen aspect properly. Whereas the Apple TV is dead simple and if you have a vast iTunes library of music and video, you can access all of it in the comfort of another room.

All this brought me to USB thumb drives as a solution.

What if I purchased an 8GB drive, dump the video files in 4 sizes (SM,MD, LG, & HD) in MPG4/.H264 format, added all the pictures and camcaps, and even did up some collectible cards? Would it be at a price point people would buy?

Turns out 8 GB drives are about $14-15 wholesale. Yikes! That would put my price point at about $35 bucks in order to make money off of it. I am thinking if I buy direct from China I could get the price lower all the way around. But for a test run, I would order 100 USB drives at the going wholesale price.

Raw Piss 3
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It is expensive, but I figured that the USB thumb drive is recyclable, and a customer can safely archive the video off the drive, and re-use it for other things.   Printing  a logo or “imprint” on the drive is actually free at most wholesalers, but I deliberately left the logo off so that customers can use the drive at work or not worry that a porn site logo might be seen out in general public.

So they are now for sale at the ChaosMen.com store, for a whopping $34.95 (I agree, it’s pricey, but many porn DVD’s are still $49.95).

I think it is a pretty good deal all-told. You get a re-usable thumb drive, and the movies in all kinds of sizes for your mobile devices that accept the MP4 codec.  iPhone size, Ipad size, and HD  size for AppleTV  and WD Live. And of course, it can be played on your computer just as easily.

Raw Piss 4
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Plus the video with Jake and Taylor doesn’t air for another week (Air Date 03/18/11) so you get a jump on viewing it (If you order right away!)

So this is how I came up with the HD Thumb Drive idea. Will it fly? I don’t know. I am thinking of it as a test for future USB Thumb Drive releases. I could do compilations of all time favorite videos in the future.

I do know that I only ordered a 100 USB drives, so the quantity, for now, is limited.

I know this method of delivery can be easily criticized, but I wanted fans to know how I came up with the idea, and the logic I put behind it.

If you are a fan of a little piss play, I guarantee the videos are worth adding to your collection!