It’s Marathon Season!


Holiday Marathon from October 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2018

Longtime ChaosMen fans are likely familiar with our End of Year Marathons.

As a reward for current members, I put as many videos together over the last 3 holidays, airing videos daily. October brings Monster Cock Week (Oct. 23rd-31st), where I focus on bringing you the biggest meat I can find. November is the Extra Giblets & Butt-Stuffing Marathon (Nov. 20th-27th) with 5 times the sex films. Finally, December has the Holiday Marathon running from Dec. 22nd to January 1st, with a little bit of everything.

I want to thank all the members, despite all the free porn you have access to, you all have continued to support my family, my limited staff, as well as keeping the models above water. YOU make a huge difference in their lives!

My biggest budget expense is model payments, followed by travel. It takes a lot to run a site. One month alone I can spend $10k on travel. That is a LOT of $20 memberships to cover that expense alone.

We work extra hard to make sure you get some bonus videos, and of course, we hope you will continue to support Team Chaos!