It’s Marathon Season! New Member Special!

I have 3 marathons setup for the final 3 months of 2012, with over 50 videos airing the next 90 days! That is a lot of bandwidth (ouch!) but I wanted to make an offer to past members to rejoin for what is surely going to be an AMAZING Holiday Season!

Monster Cocks, T-Day Week, and of course the End of Year Blow-Out!

I created a new membership level that is only available the next 10 days. So October 10th, the offer is going away! Why so short? Well, the idea is to give New/Returning members a deal on the next 3 months that has all these videos!

Membership IS recurring, so I am hoping you all will want to stay for 2013, but if not, make sure you cancel before it re-bills for the standard $19.95 rate.

I did setup this new level to be 93 days, just to make sure that if you join right now, then the membership will cover all the marathons! (Remember October and December have 31 days in them, so it is my way to make sure early joiners get the full benefit!)

No coupons, no special pages, the link is on the Join Page!

ChaosMen Marathon Special