New ChaosMen Video Cameras and Streaming Player Update!

New 4K Video Cameras!

Any video released with video number higher than 2088 (Rydell & Vander) has been shot on new 4K cameras at 60fps (Frame Per Second).

Members may have noticed the larger video size files on the 1080p and 720p downloads, and this is because the videos have twice as many frames. I am only releasing the videos in 1080p at 60fps, and not in the full 4K because a typical 4K video is about a 6GB download. As internet speeds increase, I will add them to the download area.

Despite most mobile phones and action cameras being able to shoot 4K video, there is often a limit for how long you can shoot, and battery consumption is fast. There are a handful of professional 4K cameras on the market, and I was waiting for just the right ones to come along, at the right price!

At the end of 2017, I started using them. I normally shoot with three to four cameras, so it was quite an investment in equipment. Between new computers to edit 4K multi-cam video, to the storage demands of a typical video project (About 160GB), I literally blew my wad on hardware updates.

The new cameras are not perfect, but over all, they meet the needs and demands for shooting in the ChaosMen video style.

I hope you all have noticed the increased clarity as well as the extra frames that give the cum shots extra detail!

New Video Player!

Over the last year, A few members have found that they could not stream anymore. I would get angry letters accusing me of changing something. We have been using the same player for about 3 years.

Unfortunately, browser makers like Chrome and Firefox, have been phasing out Flash, or some of the Flash features. Web browsers get updated automatically, often disabling Flash. In the dead of night, your browser gets updated.

We had Flash as our primary player, and several other types of players as fall over if Flash failed. Sometimes, a member’s browser would get updated, then streaming would fail to try the next player and just not stream. Activating Flash again on the member’s browser would solve this issue. But it was frustrating for members who had Flash installed, but it had been unknowingly deactivated by their browser maker.

Clearly, Flash is being driven out of production by the browser market. Flash will simply not be an option any longer.

Last week, we updated the primary player to FlowPlayer, using HTML5. This is going to be the industry standard… for now.

The roll-out went smooth, and we got some feedback on features that were missing or needed tweaking. Big thank-you to those that helped troubleshoot! The team at Red Apple Media did all the labor, and helped make the player look spiffy.

I am really happy with the new player. We still have the Pop Out feature so you can resize your streaming window to whatever size you wish.

There is also better integration with Apple’s AirPlay for streaming to other devices such as an AppleTV. Though, I am not going to vouch for the streaming quality on a 72-inch TV! For that, you really should download the 1080p file, add to your iTunes library, and stream to your AppleTV.

But the biggest change is something you should not even notice. It is just more compatible with all the various operating systems. From Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and then each having different web browsers like IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Opera, it is much harder to find a video player that meets all their various peculiarities.

So hopefully, you aren’t noticing anything and it is working perfect for the majority of viewers.

Finally, we are working hard on having scrubbing thumbnails. I love being able to scrub along the timeline and see a preview of the action. Most video sites have this, but it does take generating those thumbnails when you upload the video.

Basically, we have to go back and create millions of little thumbnails on over 2000 videos. We are hoping to automate that of course, but I might spend my evenings trying to update 10 years of videos.

I know this is a boring tech-filled update, but I am excited with the higher quality of the cameras and the video player!

Bryan Ockert