Not Very Resorty

I arrived in Phoenix and finally found my hotel up in Scottsdale last night.

Love the city. Everything is new and sparkly.  The roadways are awesome.

Got to meet with Steven and Remik (my webhosts) and the guys from Buzz West. They have a nice place here in the Phoenix area,  and it was fun trading porn site owner stories.

Nothing was open after 10pm in this sleepy town. So went without dinner. Not a Wendy’s drive through in a 25 square mile radius. Don’t really care for this hotel and its dated furnishings and popcorn ceilings.

I should have researched the hotel better. No gym, no spa…sigh. Not even a wired internet connection as promised on their site.

The back view is stunning, but its like Disneyland. Man made and if you look out the front it’s all shops and busy streets. Hardly the “get away” I as hoping for.

May change hotels cuz I think even a Holiday Inn Express is much more modern and suits my business needs. Perhaps going with a “Resort” hotel they don’t cater to people in need of a wired fast connection. Not even a desk to sit down and setup a mini command and control laptop.  Electrical outlets? Bah! I def. have to stop by Walgreens to get a power strip.

Anyway, very hungry so off to find something nutritious (pancakes are nutritious?!) for breakfast then off to the Phoenix Forum.