Off to the Phoenix Forum!

The Phoenix Forum
The Phoenix Forum

Today I leave my city for the first time in over 3 years.

Yup, I have been actually working non-stop for…yeeks…3 years.

I know this, because my last vacation was to Hawaii, and the night before my return, I got food poisoning (never eat a chicken-salad sammich from a open-faced cooler at a grocery store)  The following day I was done tossing, but for the 8 hour flight, I was quite queasy and green.  It was a most memorable travel experience.

Not sure going to the Phoenix Forum counts as a vacation, but hey, I am getting some time away from shooting and editing, and I did book a fancy hotel.  Though no spa or work out room….it’s all about Golf there. Snore (sorry golfing fans.). So maybe I will have to find some relaxing massage spa experiences while there. And no, I am not interested in a “happy ending” I pay for those every other day.

The event should be interesting for me. I went to one of these like 6-7 years ago, but people only knew my photography.

I still run into gay people ALL THE TIME that are like, “ChaosMen? Never heard of it.”  Which shouldn’t surprise me given membership levels, but it does seem to surprise my fans,  who really LOVE the site. I think I have the best fans ever, but since  they enjoy the site so much, I don’t think they understand how anyone would NOT know abut ChaosMen.

I am pretty hardcore about not wanting feedback. No time to respond (though I do read!!) and usually it is always followed by another email saying just the opposite, so I can’t run my business based on feedback. I do run it on Sales though. The mighty dollar is the only way I can judge if a model or scene did well.

Anyway, I want to thank the fans of the site. You all seem to help me out soooo much. You help me find Pirated videos, send words of encouragement to keep me going, and act as ambassadors, spreading the word about

You all make me feel like I am chipping away to become a “real” adult site…whatever that is these days.

Despite the huge caution on the Feedback page, I do want fans to know, Member or Non-member, I really appreciate them!

As for the Forum, it will be interesting to see how many people know of my site, or are “Oh ChaosMen? Is this a new site? Do you need a new payment processor?”

I am prepared, as usual, for almost complete anonymity. Thats why I am glad I will have a small posse to hang with.

I am excited to see my web hosting guys, Steven and Remik, as well as the owners of Buzz West as they are all friends of mine.  The guy who wrote the Silverlight streaming interface for you to use will be there too.  I am anxious to finally meet him. He has been awesome in helping members troubleshoot issues when it first rolled out.

I am sure there will be a party or two to go to, so that might be nice.

Mostly, I imagine I will be on my laptop at the hotel, trying to go over the new version of the site.

I have talked about this for a year. It was 80 percent finished when my programmer disappeared, and have had a tough time finding advanced PHP/SQL guys to work on the site.

I REALLY want to get this finished because it offers some new features. Advanced Searching, .zip files of photosets and camcaps, better login tracking (for those with cookie problems), and a better mobile browser experience.

The changes are subtle and slightly cosmetic, but the biggest change will be the ability to add a second processor – Epoch.

I am all setup and ready to go (you may have noticed Epoch tech support links) but I need to have the site upgrade totally in place before TWO processors are writing to site.

I even have it setup so the Affiliates get credit no matter which processing company members join with. A major concern for Affiliates who do the bulk of the advertising and promotion for the site.

So while on the trip I will be combing through the new version of the site, trying to find layout mistakes and things that just don’t work.

The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Therapy
The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Therapy

Slightly off topic, I watched this rather dry documentary on Netflix. It scared the shit out of me. Worse than global warming has!

I am now afraid to eat anything, and my mouthful of mercury fillings are likely poisoning me to death.

It really has made me look at what I eat and am tempted to try to eat more organically (and have all my fillings removed..cuz some are 30 years old!)

I bought several of the Gerson books and will be reading it while I travel.

I figure it will keep me out of the Cinnabon store at the airport.

At the very least, if I eat better, I wont have food poisoning on my return flight home!

Anyway, I may or may not have some updates from the event. It’s likely techy boring stuff, but I might upload a few pics.