PayPerDownload Now Availablet @!

Pay Per Download

I finally got about 600 Pay Per Downloads Online at!

Every night I would set aside an hour to get  30-100 videos added to the shopping cart. Kinda slow to go on my own, but I believe I have enough online to make the official announcement.

I currently release about 16-20 videos per month on the site. With membership at $19.95 for recurring members, I am hoping everyone sees what a great deal that is. Pretty sure no other “boutique” amateur site does as many releases.

With these new 1080p .h264 (MP4) formatted videos, I knew I could not afford to add them as part of a regular membership.  With the file sizes so large, I figured Collectors would be the ones who wanted these super high quality versions. Regular memberships still get the lower quality 720p HD, and those that want the ultimate quality/size could do them à la carte at  Director’s Cuts are available as well, and I added them at the to not run afoul of any of the Payment processors who take exception to fetish content.

I haven’t decided if I want to put the most current releases up, as of course my bread and butter comes from memberships. So for now, the collection online truly is for those that want the best quality of previously released videos.

I tend to think of videos in sets of 100, since I number the videos as I go.  I got videos 500 to 1199 uplaoded and ready to go, with larger CamCaps and all with previews. Videos 1200 and higher are currently airing on Not sure if that is the best way for shoppers to find their favorite videos, but if you do a search on a model’s name, or search for a theme, you should find a collection of that model or theme fairly easily.

If the demand is good, and people want say, ALL the EDGE videos, I can go back and start adding the 200-400 series. Anything before that was shot in Standard Definition. It is hard to believe that I was one of the first sites shooting in HD, and most of my collection can be released in full HD.

This has been a long process, but it has been worth it because I am working to update with larger previews  and preview images. So going back and reformatting the CamCap previews needed to be done will be time well-spent. With almost 1300 videos shot, I have a shit ton of images to re-size and re-format. The site has become a beast!

Currently, members can get a $1.00 on each video download by using a promo code, so be sure to log into the Member Zone to get the code!