Phoenix Forum Wrap Up – 2011

Chris, Bryan, Remik (Red Apple Media)
Chris (Buzz West), Bryan, Remik (Red Apple Media)

It is getting late on Sunday night. Just got back from Phoenix via a pit stop in El  Paso.

Today was a cluster fuck of travel for most people, but I lucked out. Only had to stand in line to check in at the Southwest counter for an hour to check bags. None of my flights today were cancelled due to the emergency inspections after a SWA plane can-opened the the previous day.

VERY full flights as everyone was taking all kinds of routes to make their flights happen, but for me, it was likely the most relaxing part of the trip.

We got a lot accomplished. I talked to several key people that I wanted to do business with, and am hoping to soon bring those ideas to fruition.

Lots to be done.

Steven at Red Apple keeps telling me to hire someone to help with mundane things. I think it is about to be time, because I really want to amp things up.

The above picture is Chris, me, and Remik from Red Apple the morning after day 1. I am not saying that these guys consumed a lot of  liquor, but most of the drinks were free, and everyone actually kept it together pretty good.

Bryan, Remik, Chris, and Sean (HyperTrends)
Bryan, Remik, Chris, and Sean (HyperTrends)

Even by day 3 everyone was holding up, though the event got tiring going from 9am to 2am each day. By the third day I think everyone was very mellow, and the enthusiasm for all the cool things we wanted to try were beginning to sink in as a lot of dang work.

Bryan and Peter from Porn Guardian
Bryan and Peter from Porn Guardian

This is Peter from Porn Guardian. I have been working with him and another anti-pirate company for quite some time. He was extra nice, brought me my favorite snacks (rice krispee treats!) and I got to see all their improvements at keeping sharing of my files at bay. Their product has matured quickly.

As a member, you are very valued. You all know how small my operation is. I can’t absorb the ton of downloaded videos that are pirated. Some members even point them out (thank you) knowing that if its out there for free, I simply can’t make more.

So I dunno. There were some lawyers there, and it’s pretty easy to track down the pirates and PornGuardian has a lot of solid evidence. I don’t necessarily want a huge legal battle, but I think it is time to put my foot down.

This picture was from the last event put on by NextDoorMale. They had a ton of their exclusives and put on a great show. My hat off to them, cuz honestly they must have spent a shit ton of money on the party and event, and I just can’t imagine making money back from all that or even having the money to pull it off. I have to admit, their guys are smoking hot, and they have built quite a team of Exclusives! Green with Envy!

I am likely doing an Austin event for Splash April 30 -May 1, and need to get my models lined up and get some promo work so anyone in the area will come see them.

So far I think I have Micah, Tobin (maybe, he is very shy) Sidney, Ransom, Taylor, Kent, and another model that has yet to make an appearance that I know you will fall in love with. Vander has finals, and Kristopher will be out of the country.

I believe we will be at Charlie’s on Saturday night (the 30th) and then at Hippie Hollow doing a party barge (I may not attend that as I get very green on a boat just bobbing up and down!)

So likely the next couple entries will be about gearing up for that and making it happen!