PURE Chaos this Summer @ ChaosMen.com

I will be introducing a new “theme” at ChaosMen on June 7th.

I of course am big on themes, vs plot, and I have tried a little bit of everything in the past. The PURE theme is a bit like the Bossy videos, except instead of being a little more hardcore, they tend to be more romantic, sensual, and wet sexy hotness!

It is a simple shift in energy and location, but really makes a HUGE impact. I wanted the room to be white so it would drop away, making the focus just on the action. We added a lot of body oil. The models that have amazing bodies, really have been getting-off to the muscle-worship it inspires.

I have filmed about 8 of these and most will air over the Summer of 2013.

Below are some Sneak Peek pics of some of the action in 3 of the videos. You may note some new models, Santoro, and Bay. Bay will be making a big impact this Summer, and is definitely the new talent to keep an eye on. The dude is sex on a stick! He has two Peep videos that will be airing in June.


If you would like to see a Pure video preview check out http://www.chaosmen.com/pure!