Sneak Peek from Today’s Shoot – (Tweet Recap)

I have mentioned in the Summaries for a few models that I sometimes only get to work with guys when they are out from college. Many guys not only go to school full-time, but work or play sports, making it a challenge to get them in. I try to book mini-marathons with these guys. They are a ‘lil stressful as I try to juggle everyone’s booking and schedule. Something is bound to go wrong. The last time I did this with Delaney, a model didn’t show and I ended up doing an oral video with him.

Hmmmmm…maybe I should have that happen more often!

Delaney is such an awesome performer so he is here to do 3 videos this week. Two sex scenes and a Serviced video. I am hoping to get a couple more in in January before school goes full-tilt again.

As an older dawg, I remember “back in the day” when the Tops used to get all the attention. I feel like things have changed a bit. Darius, Booker and Delaney, despite being Bottoms, are all popular models that get a lot of requests to come back for more.

We shot with Gavin Sevin today and it was great seeing two amazing guys connect with chemistry and energy. Early next week we are going to see if Delaney can spread his tiny hole enough to handle other site favorite – Bentley. I hesitate to mention it as he hasn’t tackled something so big, but he has been doing his homework (I sent him some largish toys) in prep for that shoot.

So today was our “easy” shoot with two super strong talents. I film a solo tomorrow, and the next day Delaney will Service him. Hope that goes well too.

Gavin is lucking fucking amazing too. He is all ripped up, hard, and ready to fuck!

Wish us luck for next week as I try not to split Delaney in two!

These videos will air in early 2013!

Delaney & Gavin Sneak Peek #1
Delaney & Gavin Sneak Peek #1
Delaney & Gavin Sneak Peek #2
Delaney & Gavin Sneak Peek #2