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Last Night in Hawaii ~sniff~

Final Sunset from Maui
Final Sunset from Maui

It is 1:00am back in Texas and only 8pm here.

Bill and I “splurged” and ate at a fairly nice restaurant called MonkeyPod. It is over by the Four Seasons andother fancy hotels, so we were expecting really high prices. All things considered, even with dessert, it was about 25 bucks a piece. Somehow we timed it right, and just like the Oasis in Texas, we got a gorgeous sunset, with the air temperature perfect.OurI waiter was HOT too. That always helps!

Bryan in front of MonkyPod Restaurant
Bryan in front of MonkyPod Restaurant

We decided to take some pics. We only pulled out the camera on the first day, and basically since we did the same thing every day- Wake up at 3am, work, make breakfast at 8:30, work, then at 11am, hit the local convenience store DAILY for more sunscreen. We each went through a bottle each day. Still got pretty dark. Then to the beach for 4-5 hours. Then a half hour shower to remove sand encrusted in waterproof sunscreen, then dinner…and more work.

But what would a vacation be without the’ arm length self portrait.’

Bill and Bryan in front Of MonkeyPod Restaurant
Bill and Bryan in front Of MonkeyPod Restaurant

Tomorrow is Sunday and our flight leaves at 4pm and it is an all-nighter, arriving in Austin at 8:30am. I kind of like these flights since they are easy to sleep through.

Have to clean the condo, and maaaaybe walk down to the beach outside the condo for some last minute sunbake. It is right on Kiehei Rd which is non-stop traffic. It’s a battle between peaceful waves and the sound of non-stop engines. But it will do.

The last three days were pretty relaxing. I don’t know if I am completely energized to dive back into working so hard. Maybe the hormone/adrenal thing will get me back into full-energy mode.

I still have a fairly light shooting schedule for the rest of August…or at least i am trying to keep it that way. But man, September, all the models that didn’t work this month, and all the scouts that didn’t get new models in, they will really be aggressively trying to get scheduled. Not sure how to get them all in. And they all want to come ASAP.

Been thinking of a second site, but I cant find anyone to do the updates on this site. If you know of any gay or gay friendly PHP/SQL programmers that can actually work and complete a project, email me at I got a laundry list of all kinds of updates that need to be done.

I will try to take more Behind the Scenes shots. Or tell some BTS stories. Most of it is drama, and I dunno, I think it just takes the fun and fantasy out of the porn. I think hearing about how two models in one week missed their flights, forcing me to start shooting at midnight in order to make sure they get their video filmed and them paid will become tiresome after a while (yep, true story–didnt finish filming until 5am).

So it is back to the grind. And if it kills me, I hope it is soon ‘cuz everyone loves a tan corpse!