Three New DVDs At ChaosMen!

I just wanted to fire-off a quick email to let you all know that there are 3 new DVDs at the store!

Shear Chaos RAW Piss Double DVD!
Shear Chaos RAW Piss – Double Disk DVD – 8 Director’s Cuts of ChaosMen’s hottest and wettest action!

Edge, Vol. 5
Edge, Vol. 5 – Double Disk DVD – The latest in ChaosMen’s most popular series!

Juiced, Vol. 5
Juiced, Vol. 1 – If you want a frenzy of “just the endings” this DVD will satisfy over and over!


Newest Box Set
As usual, I try to release several DVDs at once so collectors can get all the New Stuff, save on shipping as well as Box Set discount!

Shear Chaos RAW Piss USB ThumbDrive

In Case You Missed It!

Shear Chaos Raw Piss USB ThumbDrive, Vol. 2 – Six new scenes to add to your HD collection!