Three Upcoming DVDs!

So I have been a little quiet on the Blog lately. Trying to Tweet a bit more.

I spent most of March developing some new DVDs. They do take a long time. Artwork, remastering the videos, etc. I always try to do 2-3 DVDs at a time, cuz I figure if you are shopping, I may as well offer you a discount on buying several DVDs at once.  So it can take a while.

I also have to master them for AEBN who also carries my DVDs. If you are a member of the site, all this stuff has already been featured a while back on the site. But fans of the DVD format or even Piss stuff will be happy.

Currently, all 3 DVDs are at the replicators and printers, and your guess is as good as mine as to when they will come out. End of June?  They are pretty good at getting one title done, but then they do the second title, then the third, and I have to wait for all three to come out so I can offer the “bulk” discount, as well as saving on shipping.

AEBN got on the stick and I already saw the Edge, Vol.  5 posted.  They were supposed to wait till June, but I guess they were eager to get them online!

Here is what is coming out, and for Pee fans, you finally get a piss DVD!

Raw Piss DVD
Raw Piss DVD

Finally a DVD with all the Piss videos I could muster. Those of you buying the DVD might actually see some scenes not quite yet posted on the site.  Of course the versions on the site wont have any person-person-person piss play, as CCBill will not allow it, so if you are not a fan of piss play, those videos are sanitized for your protection.

Obviously from the cover, you can tell Allen and Vander went piss crazy, and it is a 45 minute video.  Pretty sure it will be a double disk set as it takes a lot of time to pee!  If you bought the USB Drive, sorry, four of the scenes on the disk are from the USB drive.  I am not sure if I will do another USB drive with the 4 new scenes in 1080p. If you liked the USB drive and want that resolution, and not just a DVD, speak up!

There is a bonus scene on this video that is kind of funny to watch.  I can’t air it on the site in anyway, because it really is all piss!

Edge Vol.5
Edge Vol.5


Hard to believe we are on the 5th volume from this series. This DVD features Solomon on the cover, and 8 previously aired Edge DVDs.


This is a new series with just the part of the video containing Juicing or Creampie action.  I love watching compilations of guys just nutting, and this has both Tops and Bottoms busting their nut, with 60 loads.  There are a few sneak peaks at some soon to be released videos, but likely by the time the DVDs are completed, the videos may have aired on the site.

Cumpilations aren’t for everyone, but I know many guys have been asking for a cum frenzy marathon!

Anyway, stay tuned for release dates as things come together!