USB Drives Sold Out!

Jake & Taylor RAW PISS!
Jake & Taylor RAW PISS!

OK. So maybe I didn’t gauge properly the popularity of piss videos.

I should have known based on the sales of the even the censored versions that people were thirsty for such videos. But with the wholesale price of the USB drive being so expensive, I only purchased enough that I thought would get me through a couple weeks, and if they did well, I would have time to re-order

Well, we sold out over the weekend plus a day or two.

I am getting requests from all over the world to ship internationally, something I am loathe to do because my shopping cart can’t handle the shipping rates, as well as all the international laws on porn and paperwork for customs and declared value.

My distributor wants to carry them, so there is hope for international distribution. Buuuuuut.

The Tsunami that just hit Japan, will cause a serious price increase in thumb drives. Likely a 40-60 percent increase.

On Monday morning, after seeing sales over the weekend do well, re-ordering more drives was my first priority.  I ordered 3 times what I did previously. Can’t wait to see that bill 🙁 !

They warned me about he price increase, but to go in to distribution I need like a couple thousand and frankly at 15.00 bucks a piece, that is a lot of upfront investment!

Plus the DiscMaker USB drive replicator that does 15 USB drives at one time  isn’t working, so I had to use three computers, copying two drives at once. It takes about 45 minutes to get 6 USB drives done. I was quite busy juggling USB drives to keep up with the sales!

DiscMakers support is very helpful, but my gut tells me either I got a bad unit, or I am doing something wrong.

The new USB thumb drives are going to be different too. They cost more as the ones I bought  are out of. Something I hadn’t counted on.  So I went with a different model, that I think is pretty cool looking.

Anyway, I thought I would post this, so you all can see/hear the “Behind the Scenes” part of just making one simple product.

They “Should” be back in stock by the end of the month, hopefully before I leave for the Phoenix forum.

After I get through what I just ordered, I may not carry them until prices go back down on them.   So if you see them get back in inventory, and you were holding out for a sale or something, ya better place your order!