Winners of the CSI This Foot Contest!


Name That Foot!
Name That Foot

Friday, July 29th, Kristopher and Taylor get it on!

This match-up has been requested a lot! Actually, fans are matching Taylor and Kristopher with all the other models. Obviously they are both fan favorites.

Kristopher takes control, and as usual, his cock-sucking skills are a joy to watch.

In order to get his own dick sucked, he “hovers’ over Taylor, using his prehensile toes to keep himself in position.

Congrats to Jose in Columbia, and  Tim in Missouri for being the only ones to guess the magic feet belonging to Kristopher.

They both win the entire collection of goodies from the ChaosMen store!

Kristopher & Taylor, July 29th 2011 on
Kristopher & Taylor, July 29th 2011 on

I hope everyone enjoys this match-up! It is amazing to see these two hot dudes go at it!